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Arbinet Member Builds Direct Mobile Routes with DirectAxcessSM and PrivateExchange SM

An Arbinet Member uses DirectAxcess to send traffic directly to in-country mobile network operators, and PrivateExchange to aggregate its interconnects.  This Member provides fixed, mobile, and VoIP solutions to retail and business consumers in several markets.  Arbinet’s DirectAxcess and PrivateExchange help this Member differentiate itself as a quality supplier with direct routes while reducing administrative costs.

Business Requirement

The Member provides high quality fixed, mobile and VoIP services to its customers, and direct routes are crucial to this buyer’s business for two reasons.  First, high call quality is essential to retain its mobile and online customers, which are highly competitive segments.  These business and residential consumers can switch brands easily, so this Member must terminate its traffic on high-performance routes to avoid churn and maintain its market growth.  Second, the Member’s customers speak longer on high-quality connections.  This Member would like to provide routes which generate longer call durations to generate higher margins on each customer call. 

In addition to these requirements, the Member continues to build direct routes to other network operators, and is looking for options to help it conserve expensive satellite and fiber capacity to distant markets.

Member’s Experience with DirectAxcess and PrivateExchange

The Member contacted its Account Development Specialist for direct routes to emerging mobile operators.  The Account Development Specialist highlighted mobile operators on the Member’s target sheet that market direct termination to their in-country networks via DirectAxcess.

Additionally, the Account Development Specialist helped the Member identify and execute agreements with Tier 1 and Tier 2 network operators to create virtual directs to crucial markets.  This Member’s decision to use PrivateExchange to aggregate these interconnects not only saved expensive satellite and fiber capacity, but also reduced expenses that would have been incurred from legal review, provisioning, interconnection delays, and other operational expenses.


DirectAxcess provided the Member a way to buy termination to the branded networks of emerging mobile operators in a transparent, non-anonymous environment.

This Member provides a high-quality calling experience to its satisfied customers as evidenced by these DirectAxcess quality metrics.

Country Market ASR (%) ACD
Haiti Mobile – Digicel 78.0 5.2
Brazil Mobile – Claro 49.0 7.1
Jordan Mobile – Umniah 35.0 3.8
Kenya Proper 43.0 13.5
Vietnam Mobile 68.0 7.2

Using PrivateExchange allowed the Member to form virtual directs and greatly reduced costs the costs it would have incurred negotiating and provisioning multiple direct interconnections.

PrivateExchange Benefits Summary

  • Maintain commercial relationships
  • Outsource back office functionality
  • View real-time quality
  • Manage route changes online
  • Eliminate credit risk

DirectAxcess Benefits Summary

  • Immediate access to fixed and mobile operators
  • Highest voice quality
  • Predictable price and capacity
  • Best answer seizure ratio (ASR), average call duration (ACD)
  • CLI, fax and roaming – where applicable

Contact your Account Development Specialist to get started with DirectAxcess and PrivateExchange today.

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