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Arbinet Member Simplifies AssuredAxcessSM Calling Code and Rate Management Using Prime Carrier Software

An Arbinet Member uses the trading platform’s integrated calling code and rate management software, provided by Prime Carrier, to perform code and rate analysis and identify opportunities to improve price and performance by sending traffic via Arbinet’s AssuredAxcess global voice termination service. This Member provides prepaid, mobile, and VoIP solutions to retail consumers in several markets. This solution helped this Member maximize its opportunities by automating in-depth analysis of the calling codes and rates of Arbinet’s AssuredAxcess A-Z against rate sheets from seven carrier partners. The Member eliminated risks from calling code mismatches and maximized its margins by arranging the correct suppliers in the correct least cost routing (LCR) sequence for each destination.

Business Requirement

The account managers at this Arbinet Member found themselves allocating too much time to manual code analysis of carrier rates. This manual process exposed the Member to the risk of code mismatches and expensive and time-consuming disputes. The Member discussed the situation with its Account Development Specialist and learned that Arbinet offers an automated dial code, rate and routing management solution for its AssuredAxcess users.

Member’s Experience with Prime Carrier

Arbinet’s Account Development Specialist explained Prime Carrier’s MOST Dial Code and Rate Manager to the Member. This online software application automates the download and conversion of up to 10 of the Member’s carrier partner rate sheets into a format consistent with its Least Cost Routing (LCR) table. The application performs a detailed code analysis and identifies risks from code mismatches. Additionally, the Dial Code and Rate Manager allows for the creation of a secure, online database for the Member’s master LCR management code and destination scheme.

The Account Development Specialist pointed out the way the application identifies all opportunities to save with Arbinet’s AssuredAxcess service by regularly downloading both the Value and Quality A-Z rate sheets into the Member’s master LCR at each pricing cycle. The solution then compares the AssuredAxcess rates against those from the Member’s partners to create a route table based on price and quality requirements.


Arbinet provided the Member with the means to save time and increase margins through the Dial Code and Rate Manager. The detailed analysis immediately identified risks and opportunities by comparing its service providers’ rate sheets with all value and quality AssuredAxcess rates and created one master LCR that was ready to upload into the Member’s switch for routing. This automation reduced the time required to identify and execute new opportunities and added margin to the Member’s bottom line.

AssuredAxcess Benefits Summary
  • Simplified Administration
  • Competitive Pricing
  • No Separate Fees
  • Rate Lock
Automatic LCR Analysis Benefits Summary
  • Reduce route plan risk with dial code analysis
  • Route at the most granular level
  • Identify opportunities with graphic user interface
  • Increase routing speed for better response to changes

Contact your Account Development Specialist to get started with AssuredAxcess and Arbinet automated LCR analysis service today.

Arbinet allows Members to use Prime Carrier’s MOST Dial Code and Rate Manager.

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