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Member Reduces Cost of Termination Using Arbinet’s New Download Orders with Codes Feature

The account manager at an Arbinet Member was time constrained and could only focus on reducing cost of termination in Arbinet’s dynamic spot market for his highest volume destinations.  This Member has found that Download Orders with Codes offers the perfect way to address this issue.

Business Requirement

The account manager was also responsible for generating revenue by selling in Arbinet’s exchange and had a limited amount of time available to uncover savings opportunities in the fast moving markets for each of Arbinet’s 1,200 destinations.  He focused his efforts on his highest volume destinations, but knew there were further savings opportunities.

Arbinet suggested a way to use its recently released Download Orders with Codes feature to automate the least cost routing (LCR) analysis process to uncover more savings.

Member’s Experience with Download Orders with Codes

Arbinet’s Account Development Specialist explained that the Download Orders with Codes feature.  It generates an A-Z list of each market in Arbinet’s exchange and lists the Member’s orders, with associated calling codes, to provide an input for automated LCR analysis.  For markets where the Member has not placed a bid order, the feature supplies the AssuredAxcess termination price.  If a Member sends traffic to a market without a bid, Arbinet automatically terminates it at the AssuredAxcess price.

After beginning to use the feature in late February, this Member uncovered dramatically more savings opportunities in Arbinet’s marketplace.


Using Download Orders with Codes, this Member has realized the following benefits:

The Download Orders with Codes feature provides Members a more convenient way to access rates and codes from a consolidated report to simplify integration with their route planning systems and maximize opportunities on Arbinet.  This feature also lets Members see bid and ask orders, PrivateExchange details, and current or upcoming AssuredAxcessSM Rates with codes in a single file.

Benefits Summary

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