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Arbinet Member Generates Additional Revenue and Completes Service Offering with DirectoryAxcess

An Arbinet Member is using the DirectoryAxcess solution to earn additional revenue and provide its own branded, retail-quality Directory Assistance to its customers at a competitive price.  Arbinet’s DirectoryAxcess provides a fast, turnkey solution; all that is required is a separate trunk group for DirectoryAxcess calls.

Business Requirement

This Member needed to provide its residential and enterprise customers with a directory assistance service to provide a complete offering in the retail marketplace.  The Member’s service provider was charging it in excess of $0.50 per call.  This high cost meant the service generated little in the way of margin for the Member.

The Member discussed its situation with its Account Development Specialist and learned that Arbinet offers access to a leading third-party directory assistance provider at a very competitive rate.

Member’s Results with DirectoryAxcess

Within days, and without extensive legal contract review or network provisioning requirements, the Member switched its service to the Arbinet DirectoryAxcess solution and cut its cost per call to a fraction of its previous level.  The Member now generates thousands of dollars per month in additional margin, which goes straight to the bottom line.  The solution provides its customers with a full-featured service branded with Member’s name on each customer call.

DirectoryAxcess Benefits Summary:

In addition, Arbinet can customize the voice prompts and operator greetings with your company name to maximize your service benefit.

Contact your account specialist or [email protected] with questions.

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