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Arbinet Member Leverages VoIP Protocol Conversion to Interconnect with Additional Partners

An Arbinet Member is using PrivateExchangeSM to immediately interconnect with partners that use the H323 VoIP protocol.

Arbinet’s PrivateExchange provided a fast, turnkey solution without a CAPEX investment. The Member not only gained immediate access to preferred carriers, but also benefits from PrivateExchange’s back office management and settlement capabilities.

Business Requirement

An Arbinet Member has large traffic volumes and had been interested in interconnecting with several sellers for more than a year. However, the buyer’s SIP-based VoIP equipment is not compatible with these sellers’ H323-based equipment. The buying Member stood to realize significant cost savings from these sellers’ high-quality routes, but was not willing to invest the additional capital to add H323-compatible equipment to its network.

The Member required a solution that would enable it to exchange traffic with partners across multiple VoIP protocols through a single interconnect. The Member’s Account Development Specialist advised that through PrivateExchange, the Member could invite its preferred partners to interconnect and Arbinet would convert the traffic to the sellers’ required H323 protocol.

Member’s Results with PrivateExchange

Within days, and without any new contracts or facilities, the Member was able to interoperate and drive an instant expansion of available partners to maximize its margins. This Member now routes more than 7 million minutes per month via its PrivateExchange.

Arbinet’s PrivateExchange provided a fast, turnkey solution without a CAPEX investment. Arbinet is an interoperability pioneer and converts about 250 million minutes of traffic between TDM and the SIP and H323 VoIP protocols each month. Arbinet’s system provides a robust, scalable interoperability solution and Arbinet was issued a key early patent on VoIP/TDM interoperability technology.

In addition to the protocol conversion, the Member now benefits from the full PrivateExchange offering, which includes management of routing, reporting, credit risk and settlement. The Member retains control of its commercial relationships, manages rate negotiations and monitors performance through access to real-time quality statistics. The Member aggregates interconnects on its PrivateExchange to reduce management time and expense, and can invite any commercial partner to participate, including Arbinet non-Members.

PrivateExchange Benefits Summary

Key Benefits

  • Outsource back office functionality
  • View real-time quality
  • Manage route changes online
  • Eliminate credit risk

  • Control Eliminate
    Customer relationships Provisioning expense
    Rate negotiations Interconnection delays
    Volume commitments Credit risk / payment terms
    Swap agreements Lengthy legal review

Contact your Account Development Specialist to get started with PrivateExchange today.

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