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Arbinet Member Finds Highest Quality Routes in Quality AssuredAxcessSM

An Arbinet Member uses Quality AssuredAxcess to get fast, simple termination on some of the industry’s highest performing routes. This Member’s industry niche is selling high quality, pre-paid service to retail consumers via the Internet. Arbinet’s Quality AssuredAxcess service helps this Member maximize its revenue from each customer call attempt and save time with "bid-less buying."

Business Requirement

Quality is crucial to this buyer’s business for two reasons. First, high call quality is essential to retain its online customers. Online consumers can switch brands easily, so this Member must terminate its traffic on high-performance routes to avoid churn.

Second, the Member’s customers talk longer on high-quality connections. A route that can generate a longer call duration, generates a higher margin.

Member’s Experience with Quality AssuredAxcess

The Member’s Account Development Specialist advised that Quality AssuredAxcess is the fastest, easiest way to identify and route calls to the highest-quality sellers on Arbinet.

AssuredAxcess provides features tailored to this type of Member. The prices are fixed at the start of each month, so a pre-paid service provider can offer a price to its customers with confidence that the market will not move against it and undermine margin on the route. In addition Arbinet fees are included in the price, which is supplied in a simple A-Z format to simplify rate analysis.


Quality AssuredAxcess provides a simple "one-stop-shop" for all the high quality routes offered by Arbinet sellers. These sellers include Arbinet Members that sell direct termination onto their in-country networks and bilateral agreements via Arbinet’s DirectAxcess service. These sellers also now include Members of Arbinet’s global peering community that encourage direct routing of calls to their customer numbers.

This Member has provided a high-quality calling experience to its satisfied customers as evidenced by these results from Quality AssuredAxcess.

Sample Quality AssuredAxcess Seller Performance
Destination Market Seller Type ACD Selling Member
Chile Proper PeeringSolutions 19.9 Telefonica de Argentina
South Africa Proper DirectAxcess 16 Telkom South Africa
Argentina Proper PeeringSolutions 10.2 Telecom Argentina
Peru Proper PeeringSolutions 9.8 Telefonica de Argentina
Colombia Proper PeeringSolutions 9.1 Anonymous
Bolivia Mobile – Entel PeeringSolutions 8.4 Entel S.A. Bolivia
United Kingdom Proper PeeringSolutions 8.4 Anonymous
India Bombay DirectAxcess 7.4 Bharti
Nigeria Mobile – Globacom DirectAxcess 5.1 Globacom Nigeria

AssuredAxcess Benefits Summary

  • Easy – Bid-less trading, simple integration with your route planning systems
  • Quality A-Z – Route plan of Direct and Transit sellers, A-Z rate sheet with codes
  • Value A-Z – Route plan of Prime and Select sellers, A-Z rate sheet with codes
  • No Separate Fees – Arbinet fees are included in rate to simplify LCR analysis
  • Rate Lock – 30-day (Quality) or 15-day (Value) rate lock to simplify pricing

Contact your Account Development Specialist to get started with AssuredAxcess today.

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