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Arbinet Member Rapidly Taps Valued New Partners through Private ExchangeSM

An Arbinet Member recently launched its own PrivateExchangeSM to connect to eight carrier partners. The Member gained access to sell to new carriers, while avoiding the cost of managing back-office administration for these valued commercial partners.

Business Requirement

The Member has a high-quality route into the Honduran mobile operator Celtel and was looking to grow its revenue by attracting additional traffic to its route. Traditionally, the way to do that has been to add additional interconnects to new carrier partners and try to attract their traffic.

Member’s Experience with PrivateExchange

The Member invited a number of new potential partners to an Arbinet PrivateExchange and then contacted them directly. Eight of them were also Arbinet Members and they were able to establish a PrivateExchange relationship the same day. Four of these partners were sending traffic the same day.

The Member maintains control of the business relationship with its partners and Arbinet handles the routing, reporting and settlement while eliminating the negotiation of separate agreements with its new partners and the need to provision separate facilities to each of these partners.


Compared with traditional interconnects, this Member has realized a significant improvement to the margin of this new business managed on its PrivateExchange.

Finally, by using the Real-Time Quality Management (RTQM) feature in PrivateExchange the Member’s commercial contacts can monitor and proactively respond to a potential inbound traffic quality or volume problem without needing to wait for information from their NOC.

The PrivateExchangeSM management solution simplifies carrier sales management and enables Members to reap the benefits of trading on a single interconnect. A carrier invites its partners to PrivateExchange and directly manages its commercial relationships and rate negotiations while Arbinet manages routing, reporting, performance, credit risk and settlement.

PrivateExchange Benefits Summary

Real-time quality chart of Member’s performance to a PrivateExchange partner

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