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Arbinet Member Doubles Traffic and Improves Margins with AssuredAxcessSM

A mid-size Member recently began purchasing global routes through AssuredAxcessSM by automatically uploading the A-Z to its route planning system. The Member leverages this simplified termination solution to purchase a value-optimized global A-Z with a 15-day rate lock to achieve key commercial benefits and maximize profitability.

AssuredAxcess enables the Member to dramatically simplify administration, improve performance, and reduce cost. Arbinet automatically routes the buyer’s traffic to a blend of sellers with high average call duration (ACD) performance and provides fixed pricing.

Gains Immediate Price and Performance Benefits

By automatically uploading a full A to Z, the Member avoids having to make detailed bids for each destination.

Minutes Increase by 50%

The Member integrated the AssuredAxcess A-Z into its route planning system and found numerous LCR, overflow and fail-over opportunities where Arbinet sellers were the preferred routes. This Member’s purchase of of traffic from Arbinet sellers doubled since the product launched.

Competitive Market Pricing

Through AssuredAxcess, this Member is able to purchase routes at globally competitive pricing. Rates are adjusted each period to reflect price adjustments by sellers competing for buyers’ traffic in Arbinet’s competitive marketplace.

Fixed Rate Buying to Optimize Margins

The two-week (Value A-Z) or one-month (Quality A-Z) rate lock enables the Member to accurately price and market to its customer base.

Contact your Account Development Specialist to get started with AssuredAxcess today.

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