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AAAA Selects Arbinet to Deliver ebiz for media Registry

Neutral Industry Registry Will Enable Electronic Transactions Between Media Companies & Media Buying/Advertising Agencies

LAS VEGAS, NV, February 28, 2007 – The AMERICAN ASSOCIATION of ADVERTISING AGENCIES today announced plans to partner with Arbinet-thexchange, Inc. (Nasdaq: ARBX), the leading provider of solutions to simplify the exchange of digital communications, to build and implement the ebiz for media Registry, an industry-wide cross-media electronic trading directory that will facilitate two-way electronic business transactions and communications between media traffic/sales systems and media buying systems. The Registry will capture and store critical financial business information provided by media companies, media buying groups and advertising agencies, allowing them to shift the media transaction lifecycle from today’s manual and time-consuming paper process to a streamlined, efficient electronic model.

“The ebiz for media Registry will revolutionize the way the advertising industry conducts business,” said Michael Donahue, executive vice president, AAAA. “The Registry will simplify the way media buyers and sellers transact, resulting in reduced errors, lower costs and the ability to provide procurement audit trails. We chose Arbinet for this important initiative based on their expertise and proven track record in building and operating powerful and scalable transaction management platforms for other digital transactions. We needed a technology solution that ensures the highest level of performance given the volume of interactions that will occur as e-business becomes standard operating procedure in our industry.”

Curt Hockemeier, Arbinet president and chief executive officer, commented, “We are honored that the AAAA has selected Arbinet to develop the ebiz for media Registry. Since we released our first platform in 2000, Arbinet has been dedicated to developing transaction management technology that creates efficiencies with the power to transform industries. Working together with the AAAA, we will deliver customized, user-driven technology to give media buyers and sellers a solution to simplify and accelerate business transactions.”

Projected to launch in May 2007, the Registry will initially be made available for Spot TV and Spot Radio, which utilize industry XML standards that are developed, tested and in production. The AAAA has appointed industry experts to review requirements and monitor progress for the Registry as it is developed.

Trading partner information will be stored in a central database, enabling any trading partner to query information on any other trading partner with whom they wish to conduct e-business. The Registry will allow trading partners (directly or through media buying systems) to locate trading partners, and then initiate communication via web services using an industry standard protocol.

“Arbinet views the creation of the ebiz for media Registry as another opportunity to play a critical role in changing the way the key players in the industry interact, positively impacting their bottom lines,” stated Bob Barbiere, chief operating officer, Arbinet Digital Media Corp., the Company’s digital media subsidiary. “We expect this Registry to expand across multiple media as standards are agreed upon, but believe the key to successful widespread adoption will be accommodating the specific needs of each advertising medium.” For more information about the AAAA ebiz for media initiative, visit

About the AAAA

The AMERICAN ASSOCIATION of ADVERTISING AGENCIES is the national trade association of the advertising agency business. The 1,196 member agency offices it serves in the U.S. employ 65,000 people, offer a wide range of marketing communications services, and place 80 percent of all national advertising. The management-oriented association helps its members build their businesses, and acts as the industry’s spokesman with government, media, and the public sector. For more information visit our Web site at

About Arbinet

Arbinet solutions simplify the exchange of digital communications in a converging world. These include exchanges, a transaction management platform, and managed services which streamline performance and improve profitability for Members. Arbinet provides digital communications solutions in the Telecommunications, Internet, Content, and Media and Advertising industries.

Arbinet’s 900 voice and data Members, including the world’s 10 largest international carriers, use Arbinet’s Internet based electronic platforms to buy, sell, deliver and settle transactions valued at about $500 million in 2005. These Members include fixed, mobile and VoIP carriers, ISPs and content providers from more than 60 countries who exchange voice, data, content and value added services.

Arbinet also operates a marketplace for digital content licensing and distribution through its Broad Street Digital subsidiary. Hundreds of music and video rights owners and many of the world’s major online and mobile retail services, including iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster and Beatport, locate, transact, distribute and manage content using Arbinet’s patented platform. For more information about Arbinet’s solutions visit

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