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Prime Carrier Provides Rate Analysis Software to Increase Arbinet Member Savings from AssuredAxcessSM

Dublin, Ireland — March 8th, 2007 — Prime Carrier Ltd., the market leader in the provision of ‘On Demand’ solutions for the global telecommunications and media industries, today announced that Arbinet-thexchange, Inc. (Nasdaq: ARBX) now offers the use of Prime Carrier calling code and rate manager software to its Members. Under the agreement, a Member will be able to use Prime Carrier’s software to perform code and rate analysis and identify opportunities to improve price and performance by sending traffic via Arbinet’s AssuredAxcess global voice termination service.

Arbinet operates the world’s largest electronic marketplace for communications trading. Arbinet’s online trading platform enables its 693 Members to buy, sell, deliver and settle 12+ billion minutes per year.

The code, rate and routing management functionality provided by Prime Carrier allows a carrier to create a least cost routing (LCR) calling code and destination scheme online. This LCR is then automatically loaded with Arbinet’s AssuredAxcess destinations, codes and rates. The Member can also load rate sheets, with codes, for its partner carriers. The Prime Carrier software then creates a custom routing plan for the Member’s code-defined destinations, based on its specified price and quality requirements. The ability to perform this automated, in-depth analysis and then route appropriate traffic to Arbinet’s AssuredAxcess service improves Member profitability.

“Prime Carrier’s MOST Dial Code and Rate Manager application gives Arbinet Members another way to simplify the management of global voice termination and improve their margins,” explains Curt Hockemeier, Arbinet President and Chief Executive Officer. “Prime Carrier’s advanced analysis helps Members improve carrier and rate selections in their routing plans and can even pinpoint destinations where a more granular code would result in increased revenues.”

“Prime Carrier is delighted to provide our On-demand products to Arbinet’s growing list of Members,” stated Geoff Butcher, CEO, Prime Carrier. “Our next generation inter-carrier business management software offers carriers the ability to negotiate better rates for voice traffic and protects against lost revenues and margin. Prime Carrier’s MOST software helps carriers manage the escalating ‘Data Mountain’ of rate information. These benefits are enhanced when delivered as an ‘On Demand’ hosted service that significantly reduces implementation timeframes and risks and delivers accelerated margin benefits to organizations while saving significant manpower.”

About Prime Carrier

Prime Carrier is the proven leader in ‘On Demand’ real time trading solutions for the Telecommunications and Media industries. The MOST solution is established as the industry standard platform for supporting inter-carrier trading. Uniquely delivered through Prime Carrier’s on-demand service, our solutions empower customers world-wide to fundamentally differentiate and enjoy a sustainable competitive advantage in a highly competitive industry. For further information see

About Arbinet

Arbinet solutions simplify the exchange of digital communications in a converging world. These include exchanges, a transaction management platform and managed services which streamline performance and improve profitability for Members.

Arbinet’s 900+ voice and data Members, including all 10 of the world’s 10 largest international carriers, use Arbinet’s Internet based electronic platforms to buy, sell, deliver and settle transactions valued at about $500 million in 2006. These Members include fixed, mobile and VoIP carriers, ISPs and content providers from more than 60 countries who exchange voice, data, content and value added services.

AssuredAxcessSM is a service of Arbinet-thexchange.

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