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  1. Membership application
    Successful prospective Members will possess certain characteristics. A Membership consultation with an Arbinet representative will be helpful to quantify the opportunity. Contact [email protected] or call 1.866.708.0809.

    Request for Membership Consultation

Prospective Members should complete Request for Membership Form to request a call from an Arbinet representative.

  1. Contract
    Prospective Members complete the appropriate Forms and agree to data on thexchange Trading Terms to buy and sell on thexchange. Information submitted on the Credit Application is used to establish a Member’s line of credit.

Prospective Members should complete Credit Application Form as soon as possible to accelerate membership processing.

  1. Interconnection and Activation
    A Member interconnects its network to thexchange via a circuit and is turned up in thexchange systems.

Members are connected to Arbinet’s data switch via Ethernet connections, and are activated by establishing a BGP session between Member’s equipment and Arbinet’s route server.

  1. Training and Trading
    Arbinet trains new Members. Members may also access online trading, routing and settlement support.

    Members begin trading on thexchange.

Arbinet provides training and support to help Members get the most from thexchange.

Buy and sell IP routes.

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