ArbinetSimplifying the Exchange
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View all buyers and sellers for any destination along with route type, price, quality (ASR, ACD and TQI), home exchange delivery point (EDP), associated capacity and platform information.
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Execute Trades  
Buy order entry screen
  • A buyer chooses to place an order for:

    • DirectAxcess – Direct termination to the world’s fixed and mobile networks
    • SelectVoice – Premium quality routing
    • PrimeVoice – The spot market for voice minutes

  • Or sends calls via:

    • OptimizedVoice – Exchange trading with certain call completion

  • View included codes for a destination
  • Rematch automatically when price or quality changes
  • Select hard, variance or soft matching to set allowable range of quality change before system rematches
  • Choose least cost or highest quality routing prioritization by destination

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Sell order entry screen
  • View included codes for a destination
  • Sell to 1,000 worldwide cities, mobile and off-peak breakout destinations
  • Codes are clearly defined under each market, and software blocks calls with the wrong set of codes to prevent predatory routing

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Monitor Traffic  
Daily buyer traffic report
  • View all traffic to a destination in real-time with savings beyond limit order

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Daily seller capacity usage report
  • View traffic volumes and answer seizure ratio (ASR) and average call duration (ACD) by destination to find opportunities to add capacity and revenues

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