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Your network control center to control, manage, and grow your VoIP business.

SoftSwitchAxcessSM by Arbinet is the key to unlocking the full potential of your VoIP business. With SoftSwitchAxcess, you seamlessly and securely interwork with virtually all TDM switches, softswitches, session border controllers and VoIP gateways, while retaining complete ownership of all aspects of your business.

Offering a secure control center for your VoIP operations, SoftSwitchAxcess enables you to take charge of your VoIP routing, authentication, and signaling without capital expense. Our independent, secure partition on the best softswitch platform in the industry gives you the ability to control, monitor, and grow your business in a smooth and manageable way.

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SoftSwitchAxcess features:

  • Access to a managed, independent carrier grade softswitch
  • Carrier class SIP and H323 signaling with protocol conversion
  • Advanced routing and rating system via web-based interface
  • Secure authentication of partner gateways and traffic flows
  • Full internetworking with most commercially available switches, softswitches, session border controllers and VoIP gateways
  • CDR generation and rating
  • High quality Internet access for signaling and media
  • Optional access to a carrier grade TDM switch via VoIP to TDM conversion with full SS7 and C7 signaling

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