ArbinetSimplifying the Exchange
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Thexchange handles the billing, collections, commercial settlement and credit risk management aspects of the transactions.

Outsource Billing and Collections

  • All buy and sell transactions consolidated on one trading bill
  • All voice on thexchange Member and usage fees are provided on a separate Member bill
  • Thexchange performs neutral billing for all spot market buying and selling, collects all balances and pays all accounts regularly twice-a-month

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Reduce Working Capital

The voice on thexchange contract and systems allow for real-time netting of purchase and sales balances and clear Member trading balances twice-monthly. Netting and twice-a-month clearing reduce the Member working capital required to support trading in the spot market.

Safeguard Transactions

Voice on thexchange net buyers qualify for a credit line which is either underwritten by GMAC or secured by deposit or LC. Arbinet’s CreditWatch system automatically warns and then suspends a Member’s ability to buy as it approaches and then reaches this secured credit limit.