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Arbinet-thexchange Names Roger Kim
to Lead Internet Protocol Initiative

New York, September 5, 2002 – Arbinet-thexchange, the full-service trading solution for buyers and sellers of voice minutes, has appointed Roger Kim Vice President Internet Protocol (IP) to lead the Company’s new IP initiative, according to thexchange President and CEO, J. Curt Hockemeier.

Best known as the developer and operator of the spot market for voice minutes, thexchange is now trading at an annual rate of five billion minutes. Every four hours thexchange rematches a quarter of a million buy/sell orders for its more than 200 Members. Not only does this platform improve margins by ensuring the best blend of quality and price, it also insulates Members from bad debt with thexchange’s credit management and billing systems.

"The collapse of bandwidth prices has upset the traditional way companies get to the Internet, " says Hockemeier. "Our Members have asked us to develop ways to create greater efficiencies in IP transit and peering, and we’re pleased to have Roger join us to create these solutions. "

Prior to joining Arbinet-thexchange, Kim was Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at Aleron, Inc., a Goldman Sachs-funded next generation IP network services provider focused on multi-protocol label switching (MPLS). He previously served as Senior Director of Internet Product Management at Teleglobe/Bell Canada and Product Manager at Global SprintLink. Kim, who began his career as an electronics design engineer with the National Security Agency (NSA), holds an MBA degree from the University of Maryland. He earned his MS and BS degrees in electrical engineering from Johns Hopkins University.

According to Chi Eng, General Counsel at thexchange, the Company has 11 patents that govern the technology and processes it employs in the spot minutes trading platform. "These patents also apply to the trading of IP traffic, and as a result, we believe we can deliver significant advantages to telecom companies, ISPs and content providers, " says Eng.

About Arbinet-thexchange

Two processes central to all telecom companies are selling access to their networks and routing off-net traffic to destinations worldwide. Arbinet-thexchange has created the spot market and designed and built the world’s most advanced system to automate anonymous minutes trading between telecom companies. The world’s leading telecom carriers use this system to perform dynamic least cost routing via the spot market to reduce their cost of service and expand revenues by reaching new markets without extensive network build out.

Thexchange’s system automates sales and purchase order execution, complex calling code matching, call routing to specific breakout destinations and manages the quality of service of traded capacity. The system also handles the credit risk management, billing and commercial settlement aspects of these transactions. Currently more than 200 Members are using thexchange to process calls at a five billion minute per year run rate. Arbinet-thexchange also develops and distributes AXCESSCODESM international calling code breakouts. For more information, visit Arbinet-thexchange at

120 Albany St. Tower II, Suite 450, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
phone: 732-509-9100, fax: 732-509-9101, website:

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