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Ay Caramba … 20,817 Changes to Mexico’s National Numbering Plan Two Weeks Until Implementation

Arbinet-thexchange introduces two solutions to ensure members can complete calls during changeover

New York – November 9, 2001 In just two short weeks, Cofetel will revise Mexico’s database of calling codes; the agency’s database contains 20,817 records that update the country’s complex number plan. For many carriers, synching up with this revised database will be a Herculean task and require significant staff resources. Arbinet-thexchange has introduced two solutions that ease the burden of safeguarding call completion rates during this changeover.

First, permissive dialing on thexchange will allow carriers to route Mexico traffic using the old, the new or a combination of the two versions of the numbering plan. This service will debut on November 17th and no matter where a telecom company or its customers are in the code migration process, calls routed via Arbinet-thexchange will complete.

To enable permissive dialing, thexchange has developed special code translation software that automatically alters calls placed using the old calling code convention to the corresponding new 10-digit number. Carriers that add thexchange to their route plans for Mexico will make sure their calls go through, even if their customers remain unaware of the change and continue to dial the old numbers well past the cutover date.

Second, thexchange has developed a special November 8th Mexico edition of the AXCESSCODEsm international calling code database. This product reduces the work carriers must do to rationalize the new Mexican data for their own switches by more than 95 percent.

“The special November 8th edition summarizes the new and old codes for the top 90 cities in Mexico, reducing the number of entries required to manage the code change from more than 20,000 to 1,029,” explains Jan-Joost Rueb, director of business development at Arbinet-thexchange. “The data is available in both Excel and CSV file formats for simple integration with a carrier’s existing numbering plan.”

A one-time download of this user-friendly version of the Mexico numbering plan changes is available for just $249, and an annual subscription to the AXCESSCODEsm database is available for $450 per month. Both are available at

AXCESSCODEsm is an international calling code database that allows carriers to use a standard, accurate list of over 6,700 code breakouts for 1,400 world markets to synchronize their routing tables. It provides a common routing and billing language for corresponding carriers by providing benchmarks for:

The Unique Market Identifier: A standard recognizable reference for over 1,400 of the world’s leading destinations, similar in concept to a stock ticker symbol. This permits route matching across functions and systems from the retail origin of the minute to its final termination, regardless of carriers involved. Market indicators are assembled using the standard Internet codes for countries, airport codes for cities and common sense suffixes such as “M” for mobile that indicate traffic type. For example, Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Fixed is defined by MYKUL.

The Code: A rapidly expanding database of over 6,700 valid dial digit codes that map to markets. For example, the code for MYKUL is 603.

The Time Stamp: An updated AXCESSCODEsm database is sent to annual subscribers biweekly. This feature eliminates disputes between carriers relating to codes and the timing of pricing changes.

“This is the first accurate, centralized source of international calling code information available in the market,” comments Chris Reid, director of marketing for Arbinet-thexchange. “Standardized code information like standardized stock ticker symbols are crucial to enable a fair, efficient trading environment. This information, which is updated regularly and can be downloaded in user-friendly formats, will help eliminate the financial exposure that current code management issues create.”

About Arbinet-thexchange

Two processes central to all telecom companies are selling access to their networks and routing off-net traffic to destinations worldwide. Arbinet-thexchange has created the spot market and designed and built the world’s most advanced system to automate anonymous minutes trading between telecom companies. The world’s leading telecom carriers use this system to perform dynamic least cost routing via the spot market to reduce their cost of service and expand revenues by reaching new markets without extensive network build out.

Thexchange’s system automates sales and purchase order execution, complex calling code matching, call routing to specific breakout destinations and manages the quality of service of traded capacity. The system also handles the credit risk management, billing and commercial settlement aspects of these transactions. Currently over 135 members are using thexchange to process calls at over a three billion minute per year run rate. Arbinet-thexchange also develops and distributes AXCESSCODESM international calling code breakouts, the standard market reference tool. For more information, visit Arbinet-thexchange at

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