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Arbinet-thexchange debuts Instant AccessTM connectivity to New York Carrier hotels using FiberNet Telecom Group, Inc.

NEW YORK – August 7, 2000 – Arbinet-thexchange and FiberNet Telecom Group, Inc. [Nasdaq: FTGX] today announced an agreement to provide Instant AccessTM interconnections between New York’s carrier “hotels” and thexchange’s Global Delivery Platform at 75 Broad St.

Now any carrier with a presence at the 60 Hudson Street, 111 Eight Avenue, or 75 Broad St. facilities has virtually instant access to thexchange’s dynamic online telecommunications marketplace. Once connected to thexchange, a carrier has a full-service solution to efficiently manage the on-demand trading of network capacity between itself and any other thexchange member.

“Our partnership with FiberNet enables us to rapidly interconnect our members using their high-capacity optical network, removing a significant barrier to the development of a truly liquid marketplace for trading telephony bandwidth in the world’s leading telecom hub, the New York Metro area,” stated Anthony L. Craig, Arbinet-thexchange chairman and CEO.
“Our solution combines the efficiency of online exchanges with a first-of-its-kind dynamic delivery layer and state-of-the-art settlement system to provide an efficient alternative to carriers’ current telephony settlement procedures.”

“FiberNet’s business is providing connectivity for our customers through inter- and intra-building networks as well as metropolitan area broadband networks,” stated Michael Liss, FiberNet President and CEO. “Our world-class broadband infrastructure allows carriers located in the leading New York carrier facilities to participate in Arbinet-thexchange’s full-service marketplace solution quickly and easily.”

About FiberNet Telecom Group

FiberNet Telecom Group, Inc. is a carrier’s carrier that designs, builds and operates 100% fiber optic transmission networks in major cities. The Company’s Metropolitan Transport Networks (MTNs) link carrier hotels and multi-tenant office buildings. FiberNet enters into license agreements with nation-wide property owners to design, build, and operate FiberNet In-building Networks (FINs) within Class A commercial properties.

FiberNet has lit multiple strands of fiber on its MTN throughout New York City, with extensive plans to introduce its services to other Tier 1 cities. The FiberNet network utilizes a diversely routed, SONET ring architecture that extends from premier carrier hotels to Class A office buildings that are equipped with a FIN. By offering carrier class backbone reliability directly to tenants and carrier premises, FiberNet is seeking to set a new standard for the fastest local loop delivery and connectivity of DS1 to OC192, and 10/100b Ethernet circuits. For more information on FiberNet, see the company’s website at

About Arbinet-thexchange

Arbinet-thexchange is the full-service, online exchange for on-demand transactions, automated physical delivery and settlement of trades of telephony bandwidth. Thexchange is neutral, favoring neither buyers nor sellers, and allows participants to trade anonymously. Automated delivery is accomplished by employing advanced trading software and a set of patented processes to link the web-based trading platform with carrier-grade telecommunications switching equipment. Arbinet-thexchange handles all invoicing, collection and payment for trades effected on its exchange and provides continuous monitoring and online rating of the service quality of each seller’ s network. For more information, visit Arbinet-thexchange at

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