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3com Corporation Teams with Arbinet-thexchange to Expand Interconnection Opportunities for Growing Voice-over-IP Customer Base

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – June 20, 2000 – 3Com Corporation (Nasdaq: COMS), a leading provider of carrier-class systems for delivering Internet Protocol (IP)-based enhanced services, today announced that Arbinet-thexchange, the leading online telecommunications exchange, is now terminating and settling voice traffic carried through the 3Com CommWorks IP telephony platform. Service providers using the CommWorks IP telephony platform now can use Arbinet-thexchange to bridge the connectivity gap that exists between the world’ s IP and circuit switched networks, gaining access to a competitive marketplace for the termination and settlement of voice-over-IP (VoIP) traffic. 3Com and thexchange also will engage in joint development and testing efforts aimed at developing new solutions for enhanced call routing and billing, according to the agreement announced today.

For service providers, partnering with Arbinet-thexchange is critical as they look to expand their operations to gain market share in evolving markets. Thexchange’s dynamic online marketplace is the crossroads where the world’ s leading VoIP and public switched telephone network (PSTN) carriers meet to exchange traffic. Membership in thexchange expands a service provider’ s coverage area, providing opportunities to generate incremental revenue from lucrative international opportunities for VoIP. A service provider trading on Arbinet-thexchange needs just one interconnection to the company’ s central automated system to access a full service, on-demand trading solution that reduces a carrier’ s cost, transaction time and risk to terminate and settle traffic with other service providers around the world. This new way of doing business is more efficient than the traditional system of multiple individual bilateral agreements.

“With the CommWorks solution and the interconnection opportunities provided by Arbinet-thexchange, virtually any local service provider can establish a global presence for IP voice and fax services,” said Irfan Ali, senior vice president and general manager, 3Com Carrier Networks Business. “Service providers can generate more revenue, expand into new businesses, attract new customers, and retain existing customers.”

“The addition of the CommWorks IP telephony platform to Arbinet-thexchange’ s full service solution for the purchase, sale, delivery and settlement of network capacity provides new partnership opportunities for both our existing members and 3Com Carrier Networks’ growing customer base,” stated Anthony L. Craig, Arbinet-thexchange Chairman and CEO. “Our commitment to support both PSTN and VoIP technologies, now including the CommWorks carrier-grade solution for IP telephony, not only provides new interconnection opportunities but further simplifies the trading process for buyers and sellers of network capacity.”

About the CommWorks Architecture

The CommWorks architecture encompasses all areas of 3Com’ s Carrier Networks Business’ portfolio, reflecting the multiservice nature of the company’ s offerings in enhanced data services, IP telephony, wireless data access, and broadband access. The CommWorks architecture gives service providers a cohesive, methodical migration path as they shift from circuit-based networks to feature-rich and efficient packet-based IP networks. The architecture includes a full line of products and services to support complete IP-based infrastructures. With open interfaces throughout, the CommWorks architecture allows service providers worldwide to quickly develop differentiated enhanced services and stake out leadership positions in their markets. 3Com developed the CommWorks architecture in a standards-based environment designed to drive the evolution of IP-offerings through partnerships that will provide the building blocks for the next-generation of telecommunication service providers.

About Arbinet-thexchange

Arbinet-thexchange has created a full service online trading exchange through which the telecommunications industry can buy, sell and physically deliver network capacity on demand. Thexchange is neutral, favoring neither buyers nor sellers, and allows participants to trade minutes of telephony bandwidth anonymously. Automated delivery is accomplished by employing advanced trading software and a set of patented processes to link the web-based trading platform with a carrier-grade telecommunications switch. Arbinet-thexchange handles all invoicing, collection and payment for trades effected on its exchange and provides continuous monitoring and online rating of the service quality of each seller’ s network. For more information, visit Arbinet-thexchange at

120 Albany St. Tower II, Suite 450, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
phone: 732-509-9100, fax: 732-509-9101, website:

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