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Arbinet Launches data on thexchange, The Electronic Market for Trading, Routing and Settling Internet Access

New Brunswick, NJ – July 22, 2004 – Arbinet, the world’s largest electronic marketplace for communications trading, announced today the launch of data on thexchange, the electronic market for trading, routing and settling Internet access. Data on thexchange enables Tier 1 and regional service providers, content aggregators, ISP’s, cable operators, e-commerce businesses, gaming providers and enterprises to buy and sell Internet routes using Arbinet’s automated trading system. The platform routes buyer traffic to sellers of the entire Internet or specific autonomous system numbers (ASNs) and consolidates billing and collections with one settlement.

Arbinet’s trading system addresses these opportunities:

  • Companies that need high performing Internet access, and do not wish to make a capital investment in complicated and expensive route control or optimization equipment
  • Organizations with bursty, variable traffic volumes that experience high Internet access fees due to 95th percentile billing, and need to reduce costs
  • Fast growing companies with tight margins that need to manage access costs as they grow and want flexible commercial terms
  • Organizations with high traffic volumes that need to efficiently manage multiple upstream suppliers, paid peering connections, and route qualities without adding internal resources

Arbinet Members can buy and sell three types of service in the data on thexchange market:

  • OptimizedIPSM supports quality sensitive buyers that want to maximize the quality of their Internet traffic within their price requirements. Businesses currently buy Internet capacity on a best efforts basis. OptimizedIP provides exchange-based route control and optimization service. It automatically measures and selects the best performing Internet routes from each seller within a buyer’s price limit. Thexchange then dynamically routes traffic across all matching sellers using proprietary and patent pending route optimization technology.
  • SelectIPSM allows members to trade, route and settle traffic directed to a specific destination on the Internet by autonomous system number (ASN.) Buyers place ASN-specific bids on thexchange and choose from responding seller offers. SelectIP allows Members to purchase Internet capacity for specific ASNs under 4-week, 8-week, and 12-week contracts.
  • PrimeIPSM automates the buying and selling of Internet capacity, allowing Members to trade, route and settle standard “default” Internet capacity through an automated system. Buyers place a bid on thexchange and can choose from responding seller offers. Members purchase Internet capacity under 4-week, 8-week, and 12-week contracts.

“Our new Internet access services, traded in the data on thexchange market, take advantage of our experience in our voice exchange. These services reduce costs for both buyers and sellers as well as provide higher performance than is currently available,” says J. Curt Hockemeier, president & CEO, Arbinet.

Roger Kim, vice president data on thexchange adds, “Not only is data on thexchange a better way to buy and sell Internet access, but our managed route optimization service, OptimizedIP, offers Members an enhanced alternative to the existing best-efforts Internet access. Our testing data of the global Internet routing table indicates thexchange offers exceptional end-to-end performance, measured at an average 106ms latency, 0.015% packet loss and 2.5ms jitter to all Internet routes during last month.”

About Arbinet

Arbinet is the leading electronic market for trading, routing and settling communications capacity. Members of our exchange, consisting primarily of communications service providers, anonymously buy and sell voice calls and Internet capacity based on route quality and price through our centralized, efficient and liquid marketplace. Members place orders through our web-based interface. Our fully-automated, highly-scalable trading platform matches these orders using our proprietary software and delivers them through our state-of-the-art facilities. Arbinet is headquartered in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

For more information, visit Arbinet at

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