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Arbinet-thexchange Experiences Record 30.8 Million
Minutes Trading Volume on Mother’s Day

New Brunswick, NJ – May 22, 2003 – Arbinet-thexchange, the full-service trading solution for buyers and sellers of voice minutes, realized its record trading volume on Mother’s Day, May 11.

Statistics for the day were:

  • Total minutes were 30,758,960

  • 828 different city and peak/off peak breakout destinations traded

  • 33,162 buyer bid orders and seller ask orders matched for price and quality

  • 11,716 buyer bid orders sent traffic, the largest for 541,000 minutes

  • 4,674 seller ask orders received traffic, the largest for 900,000 minutes

“Our ability to complete this volume of calls demonstrates the scalability of thexchange solution,” said Bob Barbiere, Arbinet-thexchange SVP of Global Trading. “Liquidity equates to efficiencies for our Members, and with minutes averaging 23 million/day, more and more destinations are liquid markets,” said Barbiere.

About Arbinet-thexchange

Two processes central to all telecom companies are selling access to their networks and routing calls off their networks to destinations worldwide. Arbinet-thexchange has created the spot market and designed and built the world’s most advanced system to automate anonymous minutes trading between telecom companies. More than 250 Members, including 12 of the 15 largest international telecom carriers, use thexchange to reduce their cost of service, improve route quality and expand revenues by reaching new markets without extensive network build out.

A Member inputs trade parameters and the system automates sales and purchase order execution, complex calling code matching, call routing to specific breakout destinations and manages the quality of service of traded capacity. The system also handles the credit risk management, billing and commercial settlement aspects of these transactions.

Arbinet-thexchange also distributes spot market transaction data that provides carriers with reliable pricing, quality and routing information for use in planning and negotiations. These products include: AXCESSCODEsm international calling code breakouts and AXCESSRATEsm spot market price and quality data.

For more information, visit Arbinet-thexchange at

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