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ArbinetTM Builds and Operates World’s Largest PC-Based Telephony Switch

New York, NY, November 6, 1996 – Employing industry standard components and its proprietary callback and debit card software, Arbinet is operating the world’s largest PC-based telephony switch. The current configuration, located in Arbinet’s New York City facility and in eight locations overseas, consists of 50 switches interconnected to over 300 T1s and is expected to grow to 75 switches (60 switches in Arbinet’s NYC facility and 15 switches in foreign locations) interconnected to over 400 T1s by the end of the year. Arbinet’s clients include the world’s largest telecommunications companies.

“This represents a major breakthrough in the world of PC-based telephony switches,” says Alex Mashinsky, CEO of Arbinet Corporation. “Never before have PC-Based switches operated as effectively as Arbinet’s switch under such heavy traffic conditions. We predict that, just as the computer industry progressed from the mainframe to the PC, telephony switches will migrate from historically expensive, rigid large central switches to more flexible and economical distributed PC-based switches.”

Arbinet’s New York installation has conquered the capacity issues or load limitations formerly associated with PC-based switches. Arbinet’s installation combines all of the benefits of PC-based switching with the capacity and reliability normally attributed to only central office systems.

Thanks to new advances in operating software and computer telephony boards, Arbinet is able to provide up to seven T1 connections in a single industrial chassis. Capacity is increased by connecting multiple chassis. The switch resides on a UNIX network supporting numerous administration and database servers operating on Novell and NT operating systems as well as local and remote administration nodes. Arbinet’s 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week facility is connected by an OC12 622 mbps fiber optic ring and is manned by a team of experienced technicians.

Arbinet is the leading developer and manufacturer of industrial computer-based telecommunications switching hardware and integrated global network management software. Established in 1993, the company has diversified its operations to include digital switching platforms, voice response products and services, and global voice and data network services.

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