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Arbinet’s PeeringSolutions enables VoIP service providers to simply and securely manage and share access to VoIP-accessible phone numbers, with appropriate routing information, with its trusted partners. PeeringSolutions customers can establish key direct peering relationships and exchange VoIP traffic with a much broader range of service providers, without the quality, complexity and security issues of establishing multiple direct relationships. Service providers can also obtain a full termination service enabling them to reach the world’s major mobile and fixed-line destinations through this same single interconnect.

Benefits of VoIP Peering for Service Providers

  • Advanced Services
    • Higher quality voice using advanced codecs
    • Services incorporating presence
    • Second “line” services exchanged between service providers
    • Click to talk services
  • Quality
    • PSTN reduces all voice to a restricted audio range
    • Multiple TDM to VoIP conversions introduce audio distortions and delays
  • Cost
    • Removing intermediate carriers reduces termination charges
SPIDER Registry

PeeringSolutions services include:

  • Point and Click selection of partners to share number information and receive downloads of their VoIP addressable numbers with routing addresses
  • Automated interfaces with leading switches, VoIP provisioning systems and ENUM transaction servers for number update
  • Routing of VoIP calls via a network of quality-managed IP backbones where available, or via quality optimized access to the Internet
  • Routing of off-VoIP calls via high quality PSTN carriers
  • Delivery of incoming PSTN calls to a VoIP Service Provider’s customers with conversion to VoIP as required
  • Termination payments to the receiving Service Provider as desired
  • Access to current information on dial codes in use in all countries around the world and the market price for PSTN termination to 1200+ destinations from the world’s leading network operators

PeeringSolutions unique in the industry because of three key features

  • An intuitive web-based number and partner management system fully integrated with the independent Global Registry provided by SPIDER
  • The integration of the SPIDER solution into Arbinet’s intelligent routing architecture so that service providers can use Arbinet as a one-stop provider for all voice termination needs
  • The ability to route VoIP peering traffic over a managed quality, private IP backbone through the relationship with PacketExchange



Utilizes Neutral SPIDER Registry for Number storage

Interconnect Partner Routing Management

Supports other Consolidators

Secure, high-quality, transport integrated into peering

Incoming TDM-VoIP Conversion Available

Enables "Free Peering"

Enables and Settles Paid Peering

One-stop off-net PSTN Routing

Financially Secure Service Provider


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