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Retail/PTT Solutions

Retail service providers directly connect to the end-user and service the end-user – owning the final relationship and delivery mechanism. Incumbent PTTs, Tier-1 carriers, competitive carriers, and mobile operators all have retail traffic and must satisfy demanding customers at the other end of the line or mobile phone. Voice quality and high termination rates reflect directly on the telecom provider’s brand, reputation and competitiveness.

Customers expect high termination rates to international destinations and solid voice quality. Retail customers also have price demands, often choosing carriers for their ability to provide international service to specific destinations at reasonable costs. In addition, business models often require solid margins on these international calls.

Arbinet offers business customers a range of choices for terminating with quality. Arbinet’s dedicated account development and sales staff can help carriers choose the best marketplaces and partners for their retail traffic.

Arbinet offers a variety of flexible solutions to serve the retail marketplace. Through MarketAxcesssm on thexchangesm, Members have the opportunity to use their brand to buy and sell their routes. With DirectAxcesssm, buyers can purchase from known entities, rather than from an anonymous seller. Arbinet’s DirectAxcess option enables Members to route calls directly to the in-country PTT or Tier-1 provider.

Arbinet also provides services for Members to privately buy and sell international and U.S. domestic routes, enabling them to expand their partnership opportunities without adding management complexity. With private market relationships, Arbinet’s trading, routing and settlement services support the carriers’ own mutual agreements and relieve the burdens of managing lower volume traffic, bilateral inefficiencies or wholesale relationships.

Arbinet Managed Services (AMS) offers premium termination designed specifically for retail markets. Members purchase routes that are hand-selected by Arbinet from fixed price rate-sheets and negotiated contracts between a carrier customer and AMS subsidiary. For some managed services, membership and participation directly on thexchange is not required. AMS provides a more traditional carrier-to-carrier business relationship and methodology, while gaining the efficiency benefits from thexchange platform technology without direct participation.

Arbinet’s solutions for retail markets include:
  • AssuredAxcesssm  – Choose AssuredAxcess Quality to buy routes from the highest-perfoming sellers in Arbinet’s marketplace with hand selected A-Z rate sheets
  • PrivateExchangesmManage your voice telecommunications partnerships more efficiently


Arbinet’s  Services Offer Retail and PTT Providers:


– High quality termination
– Personalized service
– Best marketplace

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