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IP solutions from Arbinet help companies manage their Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or data networks. Through its marketplace, Arbinet provides technology-based solutions to meet the business needs of service providers ranging from traditional PTTs and incumbent telecom carriers and cable operators to competitive VoIP providers, Internet Service Providers (ISP) and Applications Service Providers (ASP) as well as e-commerce, content delivery and gaming companies.

Arbinet’s IP Exchange provides access to more than 20 leading backbones including Global Crossing, AT&T and Verizon, which gives mid-tier and smaller data network operators an opportunity to do business with popular data providers at competitive rates. Arbinet provides connectivity to 1,000+ voice Members, which, along with our VoIP/TDM conversion services, provides VoIP service providers another channel for terminating traffic. For larger providers with expansive data networks, Arbinet offers an ideal alternative sales channel to generate incremental revenue from connecting to or peering with other providers at reduced risk and management expense.

For those familiar with our popular voice termination services, Arbinet IP Solutions offers similar benefits, but tailored to data markets;
– one stop shopping to connect to multiple leading ISPs and peers
– simplified supplier management
– optimized IP network routing
– more flexible and custom business relationships

In addition, Arbinet’s dedicated account development team will provide personalized account managment. They will address Members’ data needs with optimal solutions to fit all budgets and  business needs.

We currently service more than 200 customers through our data on thexchange platform, with iEDP (Internet Exchange Delivery Points) in New York City, Los Angeles and London. The addition of a new Hong Kong iEDP is planned for the fourth quarter 2008.

Arbinet offers a range of IP solutions that we can customize to fit a wide variety of needs:
PrimeIPsm – Dedicated, full IP Transit at competitive prices and the quality our customers need
SelectIPsm – Peer with other service providers on agreed upon terms
OptimizedIPsm – Performance-based routing using real-time quality metrics of latency, jitter and packet loss.
Data Colocation Packages – Flexible colocation space plus route optimization

IP Solutions Provide:

– One stop shopping
– Access to leading ISPs
– Optimized routing
– Simple supplier management
– Flexible pricing & terms

New Hong IP Exchange

Arbinet’s Hong Kong location is operational and ready to connect ISP sellers and buyers. Read more

Improve IP Routing with Noticeable Results

Jitter – over 60% better
Packet loss – over 90% better
and decreased latency!
OptimizedIP from Arbinet

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