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Markets We Serve

Solutions for managing global voice and IP communications

Arbinet is a leading provider of innovative solutions empowering communications providers to create the most efficient and valuable interconnections globally. Arbinet’s flexible, scalable solutions, intelligent platforms and routing expertise enable telecommunications and IP service providers to manage their operations more efficiently and grow their businesses more effectively.

Arbinet’s solutions address the major issues that telecommunications providers face today – efficiently routing traffic in mobile number portability markets, managing calling codes, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)/ Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) conversion, billing and settlement, reducing operational and administrative costs, and more.

A single Arbinet connection enables telecommunications providers to trade with 1,000+ Arbinet Members and reach thousands of worldwide destinations. Services such as free VoIP/TDM conversion facilitate connectivity. Back-office support services offer the most cost efficient management structure for trading, routing and settlement with the largest number of service providers. Arbinet’s intelligent routing capabilities enable improved routing efficiency for higher call quality and lower costs.

Arbinet provides solutions for terminating high quality voice traffic at competitive prices along with opportunities for generating revenue and reducing costs. Guaranteed payment and rapid settlement further enhance predictability and profitability.

For VoIP and Internet Service Providers, Arbinet offers a range of cost–effective solutions for managing full IP transit, paid peering with leading ISP backbones and route optimization to support mission critical applications. No matter what type of telecommunications businesses our Members are in, Arbinet has a solution to power their communications efficiently and create opportunities for greater connectivity and profitability.

Solutions for a Variety of Business Needs
Arbinet offers a variety of solutions to meet the needs of communications service providers. Our services address the needs of a wide range of businesses within the global telecommunications industry, including:

• Wholesale Carriers
• Retail Service Providers
• VoIP Service Providers
• Calling Card Providers
• Mobile Service Providers
• Internet Service Providers
• Content Providers


Solutions for a Variety of Business Needs:

-Internet Service

and many other Voice and IP Services!

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