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Multiple Direct Routes via a Single Interconnect

  • Multiple Direct Routes via a Single Interconnect
  • Reduce Cost
  • Increased Financial Security  

Managing multiple direct interconnects is complex, time-consuming and requires significant expense in back-office processes. Arbinet’s PrivateExchange enables retail service providers and carriers to easily and cost-effectively create virtual interconnections and aggregate existing interconnections with corresponding carriers that have direct routes into their markets. Users negotiate rates and volumes between themselves using an online tool. Arbinet routes, bills and settles between the designated parties.  

How it Works

PrivateExchange members use their existing connections to the Arbinet Network to exchange traffic with each other via direct trading invitations. Members can connect immediately to other Arbinet members, customers or suppliers and begin exchanging traffic the same day. They can also introduce new carriers to the Arbinet platform under simple commercial terms. Members negotiate rates directly; Arbinet then routes the traffic and settles trade balances using those terms. Sophisticated on-line reporting and tools allow each member to manage its traffic flow.

PrivateExchange enables two service providers to route traffic between each other by utilizing the Arbinet network. Provisioning charges and the time and expense of negotiating new contracts are eliminated. Service providers can aggregate existing and new interconnects and benefit from increased network and port utilization. Back office processes are simplified. 

Reduce Financial Risk

Arbinet protects PrivateExchange members with guaranteed fast, reliable payments. Arbinet’s CreditWatchSM credit management system is backed by third party underwriting, to manage predetermined credit limits. Arbinet provides a secure settlement cycle; typical payment terms are 15 net 15, with optional accelerated settlement services as fast as 3 net 1.  While also performing traffic reconciliation and settlement, Arbinet’s uniform code management reduces billing and traffic disputes, further streamlining the back-office management process. 

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Key Features

• Direct route to specified carrier(s)

• Privately negotiated rates and volumes

• Secured payment and settlement cycle

• CreditWatch automated credit management provides real-time balance on trading account with third-party underwriting

• VoIP or TDM connections

• Signaling and CODEC conversion – TDM/VoIP, H.323/SIP, SIP/SIP

• Dedicated Network Operations Center (NOC) available 24-hours, 7-days a week

• Multiple routing tables can be supported as well as multiple pricing structures for the same destination

• Arbinet Route Manager facilitates changes to routing configurations and updates as often as every four hours

Key Benefits
• Buy directly from correspondent Carrier without the need for own network infrastructure

• Manage swap agreements and volume commitments

• Sell inbound directly to your network

• Reduce back-office cost

• Increase network efficiency

• Increase port utilization

• Reduce bilateral capacity constraints

• Replace Bi-lateral infrastructure

• Protect sellers and eliminate financial risk with an automated credit management system

• Directly Interconnect to Arbinet’s 1100+ thexchange Members

• Live support in setting up direct routes with the help of Arbinet’s Account Development Specialists

• Eliminate compatibility issues with seamless VoIP/ TDM conversions


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