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Optimize call termination with Global Number Portability Correction services

Number portability has encouraged competition in mobile markets by allowing subscribers to keep their numbers when they change service providers. However, number portability requires intelligence beyond the code system to route and rate calls correctly. Misrouted calls can incur transit penalties, increase termination costs and degrade call quality.

Arbinet offers a flexible suite of Portability Solutions for mobile carriers to implement number portability correction on international traffic, delivered to fit their technical capabilities and business models. Carriers using Arbinet solutions experience more efficient routing and a reduction in minute costs.
  • Optimize termination quality in real time, on a call-by-call basis
  • Access true per-minute rates instead of estimated or blended rates
  • Eliminate transit and misrouting penalty charges
  • Identify and stop losses from “cherry picking” and “tromboning”
  • Direct network-corrected calls to optimal routes
  • Streamline operational and administrative costs while meeting compliance requirements
Managed Minutes with AssuredAxcesssm Quality
Carriers route traffic to Arbinet on a designated AssuredAxcess Quality trunk group.  Arbinet queries its routing intelligence database to identify the correct destination in real time and completes the call on the carrier’s behalf, passing back cost savings and quality enhancements with prices that reflect the true rate for calls correctly identified and routed.  Managed Minutes is optimized for carriers with limited switch capabilities. Learn more about  AssuredAxcess.

Control Call Routing with Query Services
With Query Services, carriers maintain control over call routing. Arbinet offers two types of query services: a cost-effective on-demand hosted solution for customers with INAP capabilities; and a call-by-call switch routing solution.  Arbinet’s Query Services are accessible via standard protocols and can be adapted to meet most customer network configurations.
Maximum Routing Control
Arbinet’s Hosted Query-Based Service is for carriers with advanced switching architecture that allows INAP or SIP queries against external databases.  Hosted Query Service provides the highest level of control over call routing.

Arbinet’s Switch-Based Query Service is for carriers that lack the ability to query external network intelligence databases from their international switches. Switch-Based Query Service provides the same level of control over call routing as Arbinet’s hosted solution, but with an additional switching layer.

Cost Savings Over Codes-Based Rates: 
The chart below illustrates a cost comparison between terminating via a Tier-1 PTT with and without  Arbinet’s Portability Solutions. Overall savings were 4% – a significant result when compared to normal international margins.

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For more information about growing issues surrounding mobile number portability as it affects inter-country traffic, please visit

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Arbinet’s Global Number Portability Correction

“At Belgacom ICS, the Arbinet number portability correction service has helped to reduce our costs and increase messaging quality of service. Their willingness to address our growing needs, and add additional countries, as we require them for our business, makes Arbinet an ideal solution for this service.”Patrick George, VP Marketing & Product Management, Belgacom International Carrier Services


Improve Customer Satisfaction with International Retail Traffic

– Complete more calls
– Improve service consistency
– Keep consumers satisfied

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