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Intelligent, flexible peering services enable improved routing efficiency & multimedia capabilities

As technology and business complexity increases, service providers, enterprises and other organizations need a robust yet cost-effective solution that enables them to integrate, manage and communicate in IP environments. To remain competitive in the consumer-driven IP marketplace, retail service providers must offer high quality voice termination and advanced multimedia services at competitive pricing. Controlling termination costs and boosting revenue is also a top priority.

Arbinet’s PeeringSolutionssm enables retail and premium wholesale carriers to gain the intelligence and flexibility they need to efficiently route calls and deliver advanced multimedia services. Arbinet’s patented intelligent routing technology optimizes call termination in real-time.  Carriers achieve higher quality and efficiency by removing unnecessary transit routes from the call path. 

Flexible Options to Meet All Business Needs
Manage multiple direct peering relationships and access global providers via a single interconnect. Arbinet queries its routing intelligence database, correctly routes and completes the call on the provider’s behalf.

Query Services
Arbinet’s intuitive web-based number and partner management system fully integrates with Arbinet’s number registry. Query Services can meet most customer network and database configurations.
  • Switch-Based Query – Arbinet launches query to intelligent routing database
  • Hosted Query Service – user launches query to intelligent routing database
PeeringSolutions for Private Enterprise:
Peering allows organizations to route calls directly over their own networks, improving efficiency and reducing long distance calling costs. They can add new members to their peering network, and share their number assignments without communicating with each individual peering partner.

Domestic U.S. Peering Service
For U.S. domestic service providers, Arbinet’s dedicated U.S. peering platform provides Automatic Number Identification (ANI) and Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS) screening, number portability checking on each call to eliminate high cost, off-net gaming and “traffic dumping” between members as well as call rating by jurisdiction (Intrastate or Inter-state).

Arbinet’s PeeringSolutions enable:
  • Deployment of new features and advanced services quickly and easily
  • Reduced or eliminated TDM connections
  • Eliminated IP-TDM-IP conversion issues
  • Efficient and secure interconnections with other organizations

Staying Competitive in the Consumer-Driven IP Marketplace…
Advanced capabilities support:

– Number portability Correction
– U.S. Mobile termination
– Multimedia applications

Arbinet’s Global Number Portability Correction

“At Belgacom ICS, the Arbinet number portability correction service has helped to reduce our costs and increase messaging quality of service. Their willingness to address our growing needs, and add additional countries, as we require them for our business, makes Arbinet an ideal solution for this service.”Patrick George, VP Marketing & Product Management, Belgacom International Carrier Services


Improve Customer Satisfaction with International Retail Traffic

– Complete more calls
– Improve service consistency
– Keep consumers satisfied

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