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Flexible and leading technology solutions to improve routing

As technology and business complexity increases, service providers, enterprises and other organizations need a robust yet cost-effective solution that enables them to integrate, manage and communicate in IP environments and efficiently route traffic., To remain competitive, service providers must offer high quality voice termination and advanced multimedia services at competitive pricing. Controlling termination costs and boosting revenue are also top priorities.

Arbinet’s patented intelligent routing technology keeps track of ported numbers. It enables Customers and thexchange Members to route traffic in real time on a call-by-call basis to the actual terminating carrier rather than to the code-implied carrier. Arbinet’s efficient, advanced routing services help increase call quality and reduce costs. By increasing routing efficiencies, Arbinet’s Query Services increase call quality and reduce costs. Arbinet’s suite of query services includes:

Peering Solutions
Intelligent, flexible services enable improved routing efficiency and multimedia capabilities.

Arbinet’s Peering Solutions provide smart business solutions for efficient call routing. Peering enables the exchange of telephony related communications exclusively within the IP domain, eliminating the need for complex and costly TDM infrastructure. Arbinet’s Peering Solutions provide network operators and service providers with the intelligence and flexibility they need to route calls efficiently and deliver advanced multimedia services to their subscribers.

Portability Solutions
Improve mobile termination efficiency with our patented intelligent routing technology.

The increase in number portability throughout the world presents its own challenges to the traditional system of international routing. Number portability can increase cost and reduce efficiency for inter-country traffic.  Explore the issue more at, an Arbinet-sponsored forum.

Arbinet’s Portability Solutions provide carriers with the intelligence they need to route inter-country calls to mobile number portability markets more efficiently. Arbinet offers a flexible suite of Portability Solutions for mobile retail and wholesale carriers to implement number portability correction on international traffic. 

Global Number Portability Correction (GNPC) employs intelligent routing technology to correctly complete calls. Choose “Managed Minutes” and Arbinet routes calls on the carrier’s behalf; or choose query services and the carrier or Arbinet launches a query against an external database of numbers to route calls correctly.

Optimize route table management with a universal database of valid calling codes. 

AxcessCode provides carriers with access to a rapidly expanding universal database of valid calling codes, used by hundreds of global and regional carriers.


Arbinet Query Solutions Puts Intelligent Routing into Your Systems

– Peering capabilities
– Portability correction
– Valid global calling codes
– Customized implementations

Arbinet’s Global Number Portability Correction

“At Belgacom ICS, the Arbinet number portability correction service has helped to reduce our costs and increase messaging quality of service. Their willingness to address our growing needs, and add additional countries, as we require them for our business, makes Arbinet an ideal solution for this service.”Patrick George, VP Marketing & Product Management, Belgacom International Carrier Services


Improve Customer Satisfaction with International Retail Traffic

– Complete more calls
– Improve service consistency
– Keep consumers satisfied

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