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Consistent, highly managed, premium quality A-Z termination


Manage Complexity, Increase Opportunities, Improve Quality

As the global telecommunications marketplace becomes more competitive and complex, retail service providers need a more streamlined process for managing international call termination and executing reciprocal traffic agreements. Access to a broad base of potential partners increases revenue opportunities and generates potential cost savings. At the same time, juggling too many carrier relationships and interconnections can cause costly operational, administrative and technical inefficiencies.

ManagedAxcesssm by AMS provides premium quality termination to either hard-to-reach or expensive-to-maintain destinations. It enables carriers to reduce inefficient bilateral arrangements, while maintaining their overall inbound/outbound traffic balance. ManagedAxcess uses a flexible “virtual bilateral" framework enabling service providers to pool reciprocal traffic from multiple markets via a single connection with Arbinet.

Reduce Operational Costs
ManagedAxcess lowers costs by reducing management and facilities expenses for low-volume, high-maintenance destinations. For select destinations, Arbinet aggregates traffic from multiple buyers to provide more competitive pricing.

By using ManagedAxcess, carriers benefit from:
  • Consistent, highly managed, premium quality A-Z termination
  • No rejected calls due to congestion
  • Flexible contract and settlement terms
  • Safeguards from dramatic price increases with five-day price protection
  • Route and rate plan delivery consistent with their business process 
  • Simplified revenue and cost accounting with no fees

Direct, Intelligent Routing for Best Quality
AMS selects only the highest quality routes on thexchangesm or through its own capacity arrangements. To efficiently route calls for the best quality solution, AMS uses Arbinet’s patented intelligent routing capabilities.

ManagedAxcess routes traffic directly to either an incumbent carrier/PTT or a highly screened, locally interconnected carrier to guarantee premium quality termination. ManagedAxcess also facilitates reciprocal traffic arrangements to minimize or eliminate cash outflows.

Dedicated Customer Service
A Major Customer Service Center (MCSC) dedicated exclusively to ManagedAxcess customers proactively monitors and manages to ensure customers continually receive the quality they expect.

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ManagedAxcess Offers:

– Premium A-Z termination
– Direct, intelligent routing
– Interconnection simplicity
– Global destinations


International Retail Traffic

Improve Customer Satisfaction with International Retail Traffic

– Complete more calls
– Improve service consistency
– Keep consumers satisfied

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