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Carrier Services

A Simple Approach to a Traditional Model

  • Standard wholesale processes
  • No fees
  • Supplier Codes
  • Leverages Arbinet routing intelligence
  • Includes CreditWatch credit management and settlement capabilities

With standard wholesale contracts, rate lock and multiple routing options, Arbinet Carrier Services (ACS) enables a regular wholesale relationship between Arbinet and suppliers and customers.

Suppliers can use their own codes. Arbinet Carrier Services offer customized A-Z routing plans based upon each customer’s specific needs for price, quality and feature capability. Whether it is retail, wholesale or calling card traffic, Arbinet provides an A-Z routing solution with Arbinet Carrier Services.

ACS offers a number of different quality options include:

  • Carrier Services Value 
  • Carrier Services Quality
  • Carrier Services Premium
  • Carrier Services Premium Mobile

Customer Based Routing
Arbinet’s Customer Based Routing enables a service provider or carrier customer to select from multiple grades of service for each destination on a route-by-route basis over a single trunk group. A carrier can select routes with guaranteed CLI delivery and Roaming Number (MSRN) support from Arbinet’s Premium Mobile routing table for destinations where its customers need the highest quality of service with advanced features. On the same trunk group, it can choose more aggressively priced routes from Arbinet Quality or Value routing tables for destinations where cost is the most important attribute in route selection. And if it needs CLI delivery, but not MSRN support, it can select routes from Arbinet’s Premium table. 

With Arbinet’s Customer Based RoutingSM , a customer can have access to all four classes of service on a single trunk group This allows for a single interconnection and a single invoice with customized pricing and QoS.

Buying with Carrier Services

Customers select from a variety of termination tables and work with Arbinet Account Managers to fine-tune the price/quality mix on a route-by route basis. Arbinet’s ultra-intelligent routing includes Customer Based Routing. peering, and on-net routing.

Selling with Carrier Services

With access to Arbinet’s 1400+ destinations across the globe, suppliers can sell to Arbinet using their codes and normal rate sheets, secure in the knowledge that they will receive payment against their destination code definitions without the risk of inadvertent code mismatches. Sellers can receive high volumes of traffic and take advantage of immediate margin and revenue opportunities without risk of credit default.

Financial Security

Arbinet’s CreditWatchsm credit management system is backed by third party underwriting that protects sellers and guarantees fast, reliable payment. Arbinet provides a secure settlement cycle; typical payment terms are 15 net 15. Arbinet’s optional RapidClear accelerated settlement services provides payments as fast as 3 net 1.

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Key Features

• Multiple route plan options tailored to your business needs

• Rate Stability with seven day rate lock

• Online access to traffic volumes and credit balances

• Simplified billing and invoicing

• Standardized carrier contracts

• Option to use AxcesscodeSM Arbinet’s robust code list or your own unique code subset or Global Number Portability Correction

• Secured 15 day payments and settlement cycle with faster options available

• Customized route tables available

• VoIP or TDM interconnection

Key Benefits

• Standard wholesale processes

• No fees

• International fixed & mobile voice traffic terminated globally

• Competitive and stable pricing

• Automated credit management system protects sellers and eliminates financial risk

• Simplified billing

• Supports route advance

• Ultra-intelligent routing systems benefit carrier customers and suppliers 

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