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MarketView 2.0 – The Telecom Industry’s Tool to Stay Ahead of the International Voice Market

MarketView 2.0 is a unique, real-time, market analysis tool that provides benchmark information on the wholesale voice switched minute market, assisting carriers and other organizations in pricing negotiations, reporting and monthly benchmarking.

Subscribing to MarketView 2.0 is easy! By doing so, you are taking the next step to accessing the most powerful real-time wholesale voice tool in the industry.

To subscribe, simply email Arbinet at [email protected].

View MarketView 2.0 Demo here.

MarketView 2.0 Provides:

Real Time Data – Most available sources of wholesale
telecom data take months, if not years, to become
available for analysis. MarketView 2.0 provides a pulse
of the market real time, leveraging Arbinet’s unique
exchange technology.

Diverse Traffic Streams – MarketView data is sourced
from a wide variety of traffic flows, providing accurate
pricing information for both wholesale and premium traffic

Global Market Coverage – The Arbinet exchange has
over 1,000 interconnects and over 1,400 uniquely traded
markets, allowing MarketView to encompass the whole
market in an easy to use tool.

Powerful Interface – MarketView creates a
sophisticated, yet easy to use interface providing users a
window into the market, saving both time and money.

MarketView 2.0 Features


Quality Stats (ASR/ACD)

Market Movement (new supply)

Arbinet’s Axcesscode

Demand Statistics

MarketView 2.0 Demo

View the MarketView 2.0 Demo Online!

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