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How to Become a Member of thexchange

Interested in becoming a Member of thexchange?

Join Arbinet and gain access to one of the world’s largest marketplaces to improve buying, selling, routing and managing international voice traffic. Arbinet offers more choices, greater flexibility and seamless connectivity. Automatic VoIP/TDM conversion enables Members to connect with anyone, regardless of their technology format.

How to join Arbinet to buy and sell voice traffic on thexchange

To become an Arbinet Member for buying and selling voice communications capacity on thexchange, click the following link and fill out the brief questionnaire Contact Us

1. An Account Manager will contact you shortly and guide you through the membership application and activation process.

2. They will explain all the rights and responsibilities and verbally confirm your eligibility for membership including:
a. Minimum trading requirements
b. Minimum technical requirements
c. Membership costs
d. Transaction or other fees

3. Once we confirm your basic eligibility for membership, your representative will provide you with a credit application form and membership contract for you to complete, sign and return to Arbinet.

4. After all reviews are completed and both parties sign documents, we will provision your account. This can take from three to five business days.

5. Once we activate your membership, we will send you a welcome email, and an invitation to work with an Account Manager to learn how to use the Arbinet thexchange platform.

6. To insure the newly activated account is working properly, Arbinet gives new Members $50 credit to make buy side test calls.

7. Your representative will schedule a follow-up session to help you maximize your trading experience.

8. You are now ready to start buying and selling!

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Join Arbinet and reach more than 1,000 providers and over 1,300 worldwide destinations

Arbinet’s Global Number Portability Correction

“At Belgacom ICS, the Arbinet number portability correction service has helped to reduce our costs and increase messaging quality of service. Their willingness to address our growing needs, and add additional countries, as we require them for our business, makes Arbinet an ideal solution for this service.”Patrick George, VP Marketing & Product Management, Belgacom International Carrier Services


Improve Customer Satisfaction with International Retail Traffic

– Complete more calls
– Improve service consistency
– Keep consumers satisfied

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