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Full access to innovative solutions for global interconnections

By joining thexchangesm as a Full Member, telecommunications service providers gain complete access to one of the world’s largest marketplaces to improve buying, selling, routing and managing international voice and data traffic. Arbinet’s suite of flexible, scalable solutions empowers service providers to manage their operations and grow their businesses more effectively.

Arbinet offers more choices, greater flexibility and seamless connectivity. Full membership provides access to buying and selling global routes on Arbinet’s voice exchange.  Service providers use thexchange platform to reach more than 1,400 worldwide destinations and connect with more than 1,100 Arbinet Members – with just a single interconnection to Arbinet. Automatic VoIP/TDM conversion enables Members to connect with anyone, regardless of technology format.

Maximized Trading Opportunities
Arbinet’s knowledgeable Account Managers and sales teams work with our Members to ensure an optimal trading experience on thexchange.  Arbinet assigns each Member a dedicated representative who can identify opportunities, assemble and coordinate rates, and even place orders on the Member’s behalf. Arbinet also provides e-learning, personalized training and on-line resources to help Members discover new ways to achieve optimal benefits from our services and solutions.

Streamlined Calling Code Management and Rate Reconciliation
With AxcessCodesm, Arbinet offers full Members free, unlimited access to a rapidly expanding universal database of valid calling codes, used by hundreds of global and regional carriers. AxcessCode provides a unique market identifier for every destination in the world. This uniform language enables permanent route matching across all functions and systems, from the retail origin of the call, to its final destination, and facilitates a recognizable, standardized destination reference throughout the organizations participating in the traffic’s routing and billing. All Members use Arbinet’s calling codes to ensure all buyers and sellers are using the same definitions.

Marketplace Intelligence
Arbinet provides Members with the intelligence they need to make informed buying and selling decisions, and efficiently route their international traffic.  A unique feature of Arbinet membership is MarketViewsm, a powerful web-based tool that gives service providers access to up-to-date information about pricing and quality for routes around the world.

Opportunities for Business Growth
Arbinet provides a turn-key sales channel to the world. Members sell their high quality or competitively priced routes to over 1,100 Arbinet Members, generating immediate revenue.

Rapid settlement – 15-Net-15 standard, with faster options available, enable providers to free up their cash flow to meet expenses and pursue business development opportunities. Arbinet’s credit management system and third-party underwriting reduces disputes and bad debt and helps Members control business operations costs.

Increase Margin, Reduce Financial Risk
Arbinet enables Members to increase network utilization, achieve better pricing and improve profitability and cash flow by reducing the number of interconnections – streamlining legal, billing and collection expenses and virtually eliminating disputes and bad debt.  Arbinet’s credit management system protects sellers and guarantees fast, reliable payment.  Arbinet provides a secure 15-day settlement cycle, with shorter settlement options available.  A consolidated billing statement showing all trading activities during the settlement period helps Members streamline accounting procedures and costs.


A Full Membership Provides

– Turnkey sales channel
– Access to 1,000+ Members
– 1,300 global destinations
– Market intelligence
– Growth opportunities 

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