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A PrivateAccess service to manage and grow wholesale VoIP businesses


VoIP providers often have gateways and partners scattered around the world. This may result in signaling compatibility issues and difficulty scaling their businesses. The unsophisticated management capabilities of many gateways, coupled with the increasing number of partnerships required to provide competitive international termination, make managing a VoIP business complex and prone to error. One routing mistake or unauthorized gateway in their network can make or break a provider’s business.

Arbinet offers VoIP termination providers SoftSwitchAxcesssm – an independent, secure partition on the industry’s best softswitch platform to control, monitor and grow their businesses in a smooth and manageable way.  SoftSwitchAxcess is the key to unlocking the full potential of VoIP businesses.

SoftSwitchAxcess enables providers to manage VoIP connections from anywhere in the world, and via thexchangesm, reach more than 1,000 Arbinet Members. SoftSwitchAxcess offers the full capabilities of a softswitch/session border controller with an integrated management system. Users can easily provision and configure new VoIP partners, and establish complex routing using Arbinet’s code definitions. This solution also enables Members to generate real-time performance statistics and produce financial reports.

With SoftSwitchAxcess VoIP Providers Can:

– Manage connections effectivly
– Provision effeciently
– Establish complex routing
– Grow their businesses

International Retail Traffic

Improve Customer Satisfaction with International Retail Traffic

– Complete more calls
– Improve service consistency
– Keep consumers satisfied

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