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To thrive in a competitive market, small to medium-sized carriers must manage cash flow to meet expenses and raise capital to grow their businesses. This can be a challenge for growing companies who have not yet established a line of credit. Some carriers simply cannot afford to wait the standard 30 days to receive their net payments. They need faster access to accounts receivables, streamlined business operations and lower administrative costs.

Remove Cash Flow Hurdles

RapidClearsm accelerated settlement service enables Arbinet’s net-selling Members to collect receivable payments in as little as one or two business days, eliminating the need to rely on a line of credit or dip into existing capital to increase cash flow. Sellers can choose from four different options to meet financial, cash flow and administrative needs. RapidClear makes it easy to manage expenses and reinvest funds to pursue business development opportunities.

Simplify Financial Planning

RapidClear’s consistent payment schedule simplifies financial planning and can help reduce receivables processing costs.  A reliable, secure electronic funds transfer service reduces the risk of delayed or lost payments. A same-day weekly payout option to meet Friday accounts payable obligations is also available.

Members Can Choose From Multiple Settlement Options
RapidClear is the only service of its kind to offer the flexibility of multiple settlement terms.  Arbinet provides the flexibility to choose from four different options to meet financial and administrative needs.

Terms and Fees

Settlement Option

Service Fee

Trading Period

Settlement Period

15 Net 2


15 Days

2 Business Days

7 Net 2 Standard


7 Days

2 Business Days

Same-Day Each Week


7 Days

Same day each week

3 Net 1


3 Days

1 Business Day

Arbinet charges RapidClear service fees based on the dollar value of minutes sold on the exchange during the trading period (see schedule above). Members or prospective Members who are interested in this service should contact their Account Manager for full details.

To have an Account Manager contact you about RapidClear click here.

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RapidClear Accelerated Settlement Service:

– Fast, reliable payment – Streamlined receivables
– 4 settlement options
– Guaranteed payment

Learn more about RapidClear: To have an Accound Development Specialist contact you, click here

RapidClear Accelerated Settlement Options

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