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A solution for managing direct, retail quality global termination

To thrive in the highly competitive global communications marketplace, retail service providers must excel in providing their customers with reliable, high quality service. Negotiating lengthy contracts with multiple partners to balance and settle bi-lateral agreements adds up to high administrative and business operations costs.
DirectAxcesssm, a MarketAxcesssm on thexchangesm service, uses Arbinet’s robust marketplace and expertise in managing quality global termination to route calls directly to the in-country PTT or Tier-1 provider. A single interconnect with Arbinet provides immediate access directly to the world’s fixed and mobile operators. Our intelligent routing technologies ensure that calls achieve the highest retail quality. DirectAxcess terminates retail traffic through the best routes available on thexchangesm platform.
Arbinet rates each route on thexchangesm based on the call quality of the most recent flow of traffic and creates a quality metric called thexchange Quality Indexsm (TQI).
Improve  Margins and Increased Market Presence
Better quality routes improve buyer margins, as end-users generate more minutes for the same call attempts. Sellers improve their margins by aggregating the demand for high quality routing.  Members can trade anonymously or use their brand to increase their market presence.
DirectAxcess provides: 
  • Network Operators in 200+ fixed and 175+ mobile markets
  • Fast, simple sign-up with new online form
  • Easy to use A-Z rate sheets
  • CLI, roaming and fax termination where applicable
  • User-friendly interface
  • Best answer seizure ratio (ASR), average call duration (ACD)
  • Seamless VoIP/ TDM conversion
Increase Margins
DirectAxcess offers Members opportunities to achieve increased network utilization by reducing the number of interconnections. Members experience reduced overhead through streamlined legal, billing and collection expenses, as well as minimized disputes and bad debt – further increasing margins.  Additionally, Arbinet’s automatic VoIP /TDM conversion enables Members to trade with anyone on thexchange, regardless of technology format.
To Buy DirectAxcess, Members download our DirectAxcess A-Z rate sheet to choose their markets, or send their retail LCR to their Account Development Specialist for analysis. They then submit a request to reserve DirectAxcess capacity, and send their traffic to Arbinet’s DirectAxcess sellers. All DirectAxcess sellers are pre-qualified network owners, hand-selected by Arbinet to ensure consistent retail quality.
To become a certified DirectAxcess seller, Members should submit a request to their Account Development Specialist. Once approved, click to accept the online DirectAxcess terms, provision a new DirectAxcess sell-only trunk and exchange traffic with other Arbinet DirectAxcess Members.

DirectAxcess Benefits:

– Select group of sellers – Quality termination – Simplified back-office operations

International Retail Traffic

Improve Customer Satisfaction with International Retail Traffic

– Complete more calls
– Improve service consistency
– Keep consumers satisfied

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