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Maximize purchasing opportunities while reducing overhead expenses

Arbinet offers telecommunications providers the flexibility to buy global routes based on price, quality or a combination of both. Members choose SelectVoicesm to buy from sellers with the best quality routes available on the thexchangesm. Arbinet rates each route, based on the quality of the most recent flow of traffic, and applies a quality metric called thexchange Quality Indexsm(TQI). This information is updated regularly and can be viewed in MarketViewsm, a web-based tool for Members on thexchange.

Members also have the option of choosing DirectAxcesssm to route retail quality traffic directly to the in-country PTT or Tier-1 carrier.

Increase Profitability
MarketAxcesssm on thexchangesm offers Members better pricing opportunities by providing them a wide variety of choices from the world’s largest communications marketplace. With Arbinet’s single interconnect to the world, Members can also increase network utilization by reducing the number of interconnections. With MarketAxcess on thexchange, Members experience reduced overhead through streamlined legal, billing and collection expenses, as well as minimized disputes and bad debt – further increasing margins.

Maximize Trading Opportunities
Our knowledgeable Account Development Specialists and sales teams will work with Members to ensure an optimal trading experience on thexchange. Dedicated representatives will help Members find opportunities, assemble and coordinate rates, and place orders on their behalf.

Additionally, Arbinet’s automatic VoIP /TDM conversion enables Members to trade with anyone on thexchange, regardless of technology format.

Buying on thexchange is simple: Members post buy orders and select destinations. They specify the price, Answer Seizure Ratio (ASR) and trunk group associated with the order; they select the match type to manage traffic. Buyers can choose from two routing options:
  • Quality: Orders are prioritized from the highest quality available on thexchange to lowest (quality is based on Arbinet’s TQI quality rating metric)
  • Price: Orders are prioritized from lowest price to highest price
    • Choose SelectVoice to buy from sellers with the best quality routes available on thexchange
    • Choose DirectAxcess to route traffic directly to the in-country PTT or tier-1 carrier
Dedicated Network Operations Center Ensures Timely and Fair Trading
Arbinet is committed to providing the best possible trading experience for all members. To maintain consistent standards of quality, our International Network Management Center (INMC) monitors network quality 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Buying global termination routes on thexchange provides:
  • Global choices and flexibility in voice and VoIP termination
  • Seamless TDM /VoIP conversion for 100% carrier interoperability
  • Single point connectivity
  • Automated credit management and credit lines to qualified buyers
  • Dedicated account teams with market knowledge and expertise to maximize opportunities
  • Automatic interconnections and on-demand capacity


Buying on thexchange:

– Maximize purchasing
– Many choices and routes
– Find the right quality/price
– Increase call margins 


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