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managing global Voice and IP Communication
Arbinet Corporation is a leading provider of international voice and IP solutions to carriers and service providers globally. With more than 1100 carriers across the world connected to the Arbinet Network, and over 1400+ destinations, Arbinet combines global scale with sophisticated platform intelligence, call routing and industry leading credit management and settlement capabilities.

Members of Arbinet include leading fixed line, mobile, wholesale carriers, VoIP providers, calling card providers, ISP and content providers around the world who buy and sell voice and IP telecommunications capacity and content.

Arbinet lets you choose your route to the global voice and IP marketplace with its core service offerings:

Optimized IP

The Optimal Way to Deliver Top Quality Internet Performance

  • One connection many IP suppliers
  • Direct access to Tier 1 ISPs with no AS hop
  • High performance optimized routing
  • Flexible terms and minimized risks
  • Leverage group volume for
    wholesale pricing
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the Exchange

A Simple Approach to a Traditional Model

  • Standard wholesale processes
  • Rate Stability with 7 day rate lock
  • International fixed & mobile voice
    traffic terminated globally
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Reduce CAPEX, Lower OPEX, Improve Network Efficiency

  • Direct routes to specified Carriers under privately negotiated commercial terms
  • Aggregate existing direct interconnects
  • Signalling and CODEC conversion
    – TDM/VoIP, H.323/SIP, SIP/SIP
  • Multiple Direct Routes via a Single Interconnect
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the Exchange

Reach multiple Global destinations via a single Interconnect

  • Interconnect to Arbinet’s 1100 Voice on thexchange Members
  • Single VoIP or TDM connection
  • Real time ASR, ACD and Call
    Volume statistics
  • Secured 15 day payment and
    settlement cycle, with shorter
    options available And more.
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IP Services

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