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Reach Multiple Global Destinations via a Single Interconnect

  • A Turnkey Sales Channel to the World
  • Increase Profitability
  • Secured 15 Day Payment and Settlement Cycle, with Shorter Options Available 

thexchangeSM simplifies global voice traffic management. thexchange is an anonymous marketplace where customers and suppliers trade, route, manage and settle voice traffic. By using Arbinet’s web-based voice on thexchange platform, carriers can buy and sell over 1400 worldwide destinations and connect with Arbinet’s 1100+ members via a single interconnect. thexchange’s anonymous environment lets all members trade fairly and equally, regardless of size.

Furthermore, thexchange enables customers and suppliers to increase network utilization, achieve better pricing and improve profitability and cash flow by reducing the number of interconnections, streamlining legal, billing and collection expenses and virtually eliminating disputes and bad debt.

Buying on thexchange

Buying on thexchange is easy. Buyers develop customized routing plans with prioritization by rate or quality after accessing real-time market price and quality data on MarketView. Buyers can then tailor their rate sheet using Arbinet’s online Download Rates and Codes tool. Routing is then optimized every four hours.

Selling on thexchange

Immediately generate revenue by selling routes on Arbinet’s 1100+ member voice exchange. Simply select your destination and specify your price. Sellers that consistently provide high quality routes can upgrade to “Select Seller” status and qualify for inclusion in Arbinet’s Carrier Services (ACS) routing tables. Sellers offering many destinations can utilize Arbinet’s Code Analysis Tool for fast order creation and defensive pricing to avoid cherry picking.


Reduce Financial Risk

Arbinet’s CreditWatchsm credit management system is backed by third party underwriting that protects sellers and guarantees fast, reliable payment. Arbinet provides a secure settlement cycle; typical payment terms are 15 net 15, with optional accelerated settlement services as fast as 3 net 1.  


Key Features

• Single VoIP or TDM connection

• Real time ASR, ACD and Call Volume statistics

• Route plans updated every four hours based on quality and price changes

• Dedicated Network Operations Center (NOC) available 24-hours, 7-days a week

• Secured 15 day payment and settlement cycle, with shorter options available

• CreditWatch automated credit management

• Access to Arbinet’s Marketview 2.0, an online tool that enables Members to see up-to-date market information on prices, quality and codes

• Use of Average Call Duration (ACD) and/or Answer Seizure Ratio (ASR) as matching criteria

Key Benefits

• Interconnection to Arbinet’s 1100+ Voice on thexchange Members

• Access to dynamic, competitive pricing

• Inbound sales directly to your network

• Ability to fill bilateral shortfalls

• Ability to sell transit routes over your bilateral network at only incremental cost

• Efficient and flexible network platform

• Automated credit management system that protects sellers and eliminates financial risk

• Quality and rate matching that simplifies route management

• Seamless VoIP/ TDM conversion eliminates compatibility issues

• Knowledgeable Account Development Specialists help maximize trading opportunities

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