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Flexible service provider solutions for global voice termination


Arbinet is a leading provider of international voice services to fixed, mobile, broadband, , prepaid and wholesale operators and service providers. Arbinet combines global scale with sophisticated platform intelligence, call routing and industry leading credit management and settlement capabilities. Arbinet’s suite of flexible, scalable voice solutions empower service providers to manage their operations and grow their businesses more efficiently and effectively.

Arbinet offers three ways for carriers and service providers to originate and terminate international voice traffic. Arbinet Carrier Services is a standard wholesale interface with no fees, a single invoice and rate lock. It uses supplier codes in its wholesale routing plans. thexchange™ is the industry’s leading marketplace for buying and selling voice communications where customers and suppliers use sophisticated tools to view market data and trade traffic. PrivateExchangesm, is an easy to use, low-risk outsourcing approach that enables service providers to create virtual direct routes and aggregate existing interconnects.

Arbinet offers choice, flexibility and seamless voice connectivity.

Intelligently Managed Call Routing

Our patented intelligent routing technology enables improved routing efficiency for higher call quality and lower costs. Arbinet’s thexchange provides the flexibility to prioritize routing of traffic using price and/or quality over a single trunk group. Arbinet’s Carrier Service features Customer Based RoutingSM where a customer can select routes from multiple routing tables on a single trunk group. PrivateExchange enables retail operators to use the Arbinet Network to create virtual direct routes. Arbinet’s suite of portability solutions provides carriers with the intelligence they need to route international calls efficiently in number portability markets.
Maximized Business Opportunities
Whether you choose to create custom routing plans on thexchange, buy and sell in a standard wholesale way with Carrier Services or secure private network peering for virtual direct routes on PrivateExchange, Arbinet assigns a dedicated Account Manager to work with you to identify opportunities and ensure an optimal trading experience with Arbinet.
Opportunities for Business Growth
Arbinet provides a turn-key sales channel to the world. Suppliers sell their high quality or competitively priced routes to more than 1,100 Arbinet customers, generating immediate revenue.

Rapid settlement – 15-Net-15 standard terms, with faster options available, enable providers to free up cash flow to meet expenses and pursue business development opportunities. Arbinet’s credit management system and third-party underwriting services reduce disputes and bad debt, and helps customers and suppliers control business operations costs.
Simplified Global Termination and Backoffice Operations
Arbinet manages pricing, routing, reporting, credit risk and settlement, so providers can focus on growing their core functions. Arbinet’s solutions drive greater business efficiency and interconnection simplicity.
Service providers can leverage Arbinet’s market expertise and routing intelligence to manage their global traffic with our suite of fully managed services. Arbinet creates A-Z price lists by hand selecting routes from the best suppliers on thexchange. Customers can choose the best quality or the most competitively priced routes on thexchange.
Manage Complexity, Increase Opportunities
Through Arbinet Carrier Services (ACS), customers gain access to highly managed premium quality termination to hard-to-reach or expensive-to-maintain destinations and reduce inefficient or uneconomical arrangements while maintaining inbound/ outbound traffic balance.

Flexible Solutions for Global Voice Termination

– 1,300+ global destinations
– Intelligent call routing
– Steamlined operations
– Rapid settlement
– Managed services

Key benefits include:

Financial Security: Arbinet’s industry leading CreditWatch credit management technology is backed by third party underwriting and provides security to Carrier Service suppliers and guarantees fast, reliable payments.
  • Technology Leadership: Automatic TDM to VoIP conversion and VoIP transcoding
  • Coverage: Termination to more than 1400 destinations world-wide
  • Scale: More than 1100 customers & suppliers including 18 of the 20 world’s largest carriers

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