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IP Transit multihoming

One connection seamlessly connects you to multiple IP backbones and peers

  • Access many Tier 1 ISPs directly
  • Negotiate for the best price and term
  • Improve network quality and redundancy
PrimeIPSM is a full Internet transit multihoming solution where buyers can access multiple Tier 1 ISPs with no AS hop through a single connection based on wholesale price and quality. Once set up, buyers can chose meshed or separate BGP session per seller for redundancy and traffic management. Online order management portal allows adding or changing suppliers to be done in just minutes without traditional long provisioning cycles.

Members can also add paid peering and opt in for free peering with other buyers via the same connection to save transit cost.

The Power of One Your IP transit saving is just a cross-connect away

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Connect to Arbinet’s IP exchange points in Coresite, Telx, Mega-I, HK Colo, Telehouse and Telecity facilities, click for locations.


Key Benefits
• Simplified and cost effective IP transit multihoming• One connection, many Tier 1 ISPs
• No long term contract
• No minimum bandwidth
• Easy and fast to change supplier
• NO ASN hop direct peers

On Arbinet’s IP Transit multihoming

“Arbinet’s services allow us to efficiently connect with many different US providers on the same port.” – Tmnet

"Junction Networks uses Arbinet to power our OnSIP hosted PBX service.  While we have many traditional Internet connections, our single connection to Arbinet gets us world-wide connectivity to the largest backbones in the world." – Mike Oeth, CEO

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