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Simplify peering arrangements and save IP transit cost at one-stop

  • Simplify IP peering arrangement at one-stop
  • Direct peer without commitment 
  • Reduce IP transit cost
SelectIPSM enables buyers to purchase on-net routes from any ISP seller based on the provider’s ASN via Arbinet’s online portal. Buyers can combine IP transit with peering orders over the same connection. Once connected, activation and IP peering change requests only take minutes.

A true value-add of this solution is that customers can also peer free with other buyers connected to the IP Exchange. VoIP customers can arrange a direct interconnect to Arbinet’s VoIP network through the same connection as well, improving quality of voice over the of public Internet while saving IP transit costs.



• Save on IP transit costs
• One-stop shop for paid peering with access to many Tier 1 ISPs
• Improve IP network performance eliminating transit hops
• Flexible terms and no minimum bandwidth
• Directly interconnect to Arbinet’s VoIP network via the same connection
• Free peering with other IP buyers
• Manage multiple IP related services through one interconnect
• Appear well connected to end customers and enhance network credibility

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