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IP Peering



IP Peering

Expand IP transit supplier choices and gain new business opportunities

  • Flexible Billing Options and Terms
  • Simplified ISP network connectivity and multi-homing
  • Reduce operational costs to buy, deploy and manage a router in a remote data center  
SelectIP is a paid peering solution enabling buyers to purchase specific on-net routes from any qualified seller via a single connection. SelectIP provides performance enhancements by eliminating the hop through a transit provider.

Appear well connected to end customers and enhance network credibility

SelectIP leverages Arbinet’s patented technology to offer a simple paid peering solution. Buyers and sellers have the flexibility to agree to trading terms ranging from one to twelve months and to choose billing options that include 95th percentile or GBytes transferred with no capacity minimums necessary. With one connection, buyers can purchase specific on-net routes from any qualified seller on the Arbinet platform. Without any additional network hops, SelectIP allows buyers to cost-efficiently manage paid peering relationships without having to buy full transit from multiple networks or peering via traditional bilateral arrangements. SelectIP offers transit cost savings by routing traffic to peers’ on-net routes prior to the transit providers.           

SelectIP provides buyers flexible and cost-effective paid peering solution to compliment their IP transit supply.


Key Benefits
  • One contract
  • One connection to multiple IP backbones, suppliers and peers
  • One network interface
  • One consolidated billing statement
  • Avoid costly over-commitment on IP bandwidth with low to no minimums
  • No additional network hops
  • No commitment
  • Bandwidth on demand
  • Little to no Capex required