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Optimized Internet

The optimal way to deliver top quality Internet performance

  • Routing intelligence
  • One stop, no hop
  • Flexible pricing and terms
OptimizedIPSM provides one of the highest quality Internet connections offering the most flexibility and cost-effective rates. OptimizedIP delivers best-quality Internet experience by maximizing throughput and avoiding congestion using patented route optimization technology. OptimizedIP determines the optimal routing table among multiple ISP’s through near real-time testing of packet loss, jitter and latency of each IP prefix on the Internet.

Support Mission-Critical Applications
Robust IP and web-based applications require optimized routing. For quality-sensitive and mission-critical business applications, the traditional best effort IP routing is inefficient and unpredictable. Internet Service Providers need an affordable solution for providing faster, more reliable Internet access without the high equipment and engineering costs of in-house route optimization.

OptimizedIP outperforms single backbones and standard multi-homing transit with a direct connection to multiple leading ISPs.

Demonstrated Improvements with OptimizedIP

OptimizedIPSM for VoIP
OptimizedIP is a part of the core routing technology used by Arbinet as it routes VoIP traffic for leading carriers and network operators across the globe. The OptimizedIP SM solution is available as part of the Arbinet suite of data and voice products and services, both as a standalone application for integration into a provider’s own IP infrastructure and as a quality optimized Internet service in London, New York, Los Angeles and Hong Kong.

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Managed OptimizedIPSM
Arbinet’s Managed OptimizedIP provides customers a managed router solution offering the highest quality of Internet access with the most flexible and cost-effective rates. Managed OptimizedIP uses Arbinet’s patented route optimization technology to measure jitter, latency and packet loss for each IP prefix across multiple backbones in 15-minute increments. This technology provides IP network performance exceeding traditional Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing, which routes traffic solely on the number of network hops.
Managed OptimizedIP is ideal for quality sensitive critical applications such as VoIP, real-time streaming, gaming and e-enterprise applications, requiring no additional equipment or BGP management for customers.

Key Benefits

• Optimized routing among multiple global routing tables
• One contract
• One connection to multiple providers
• One network interface
• One consolidated billing statement
• Flexible terms and billing options
• Bandwidth on demand

Learn more about OptimizedIP and Managed OptimizedIP 



On Arbinet’s OptimizedIP

"We require the best available Internet performance at a reasonable price for our clients. Arbinet offered us the perfect solution.” – Siamak Farah, CEO, Infostreet

Improve IP Routing with Noticeable Results

Jitter – over 60% better
Packet loss – over 90% better
and decreased latency!
OptimizedIP from Arbinet

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