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Colocation Packages


Colocation Packages

A convenient, cost-effective solution for network presence and optimized IP performance


ISPs and VoIP service providers face multiple challenges when establishing a network presence in a remote location: They need reliable, cost-effective colocation in a well-connected facility, with flexible terms and efficient back-office operations.  And they need access to major ISP backbones and quality routing services. VoIP and other quality sensitive applications also require the highest quality internet access.

Arbinet’s Turnkey Data Solution
Arbinet’s Data Colocation Package provides VoIP carriers and ISPs with cost-effective, high quality solutions to expand network presence. They gain seamless access to diverse leading global IP backbones in a secure and reliable environment along with the option of optimized IP performance.  Arbinet’s solution offers well-connected colocation plus intelligent routing services, low minimum commitment, flexible terms and immediate availability.

OptimizedIP services provide the highest quality internet access at cost-effective rates and flexible terms. OptimizedIP is ideal for critical applications such as VoIP, content streaming, gaming and e-enterprise. OptimizedIP outperforms single backbones and standard multi-homing transit with a direct connection to multiple leading ISPs. Performance-based routing uses quality metrics of jitter, latency and packet loss measured in near-real time – every 15 minutes.

Colocation with Optional OptimizedIP Provides:
  • Direct connection to leading ISP backbones
  • Billing based on average rather than peak Mbps
  • Optimized routing to reach remote VoIP gateways
  • Near real-time optimization to eliminate traffic congestion
  • Reduced equipment and engineering costs of in-house optimization
One Stop Colocation Solution
Directly connect to Arbinet’s 1,000+-Member voice and data exchanges without a cross-connect charge.  Arbinet’s colocation packages make it easy to order circuits for customers, suppliers or networks.  This turnkey solution includes colocation with high quality IP bandwidth and TDM connectivity to numerous carriers.

Data Exchange connections can be “ported” to selective colocation facilities. Facilities are immediately available on a full, half and quarter rack, or individual rack unit basis. Customers can take advantage of our optional “Remote Hands” local operations and technical support service.


Colocation + Optimized IP Performance …

A One-Stop Solution

– Reach Leading IP backbones
– Real-time optimization
– Per Gigabyte billing
– Well connected colocation
– Flexible purchase options

New Hong IP Exchange

Arbinet’s Hong Kong location is operational and ready to connect ISP sellers and buyers. Read more

Improve IP Routing with Noticable Results

Jitter – over 60% better
Packet loss – over 90% better
and decreased latency!
OptimizedIP from Arbinet