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A Cost-Effective Approach to Managing IP Transit


Arbinet’s IP Solution offers simplified layer 2 interconnect platform for buying and selling IP transit and peering at one stop. Customers can efficiently connect to multiple Tier 1 ISPs via a single physical interconnect without the hassles of traditional IP multi-homing. Our route optimization solution also offers high performance Internet service for mission critical IP applications.

How is Arbinet different from other IP Transit providers and IP exchanges?

Simplified IP Transit multi-homing
  • Flexible terms – No long term contract and no minimum commitment
  • Easy and fast to change supplier
  • One connection, many IP suppliers, one contract
  • Direct access to Tier 1 ISP’s with no AS hop
  • Leverage group volume for wholesale pricing
Efficient IP peering and settlement
  • Same connection with IP Transit
  • Unlimited number of paid peers with Tier 1 ISPs
  • One settlement
  • Save IP transit cost
  • Free peering with other buyers
  • No expensive IX port fees, no commitment and risk free
Premium IP route optimization for critical applications
  • IP optimization based on route quality not BGP among many Tier 1 ISPs
  • Significantly improve routing quality of the public Internet
  • Ideal for mission critical applications such as voip, gaming, streaming
  • Direct interconnect to Arbinet voip network
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With only one-connection, buyers can access multiple IP backbones, without an additional Arbinet ASN hop, providing their end users with improved performance over a well-connected network solution.

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