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Services at a Glance


Services at a Glance

Services are listed alphabetically.  Click service names to learn more.

AssuredAxcess Voice Managed Services Professionally managed A-Z termination Managed A-Z rate sheets optimized for price or quality Quality: best routes on thexchange Value: most competitively priced routes on thexchange Prepaid Retail/PTT Wholesale
AxcessCode Voice Query Services Universal database of valid calling codes Free with full Arbinet membership Mobile Retail/ PTT
Colocation Packages IP IP Services Cost-effective colocation in a well-connected facility Flexible purchase options Optional Optimized IP performance ISP ASP VoIP
DirectAxcess Voice Marketplace Services Route calls directly to the in-country PTT or tier-1 provider for retail quality Trade anonymously or use your brand to increase market presence Mobile Retail/ PTT
ManagedAxcess Voice Managed Services Consistent, highly managed, premium quality A-Z termination for retail service providers Flexible terms No fees Pool reciprocal traffic from multiple markets via one connection Mobile Retail/ PTT
MarketAxcess on thexchange Voice Marketplace Services Buy and sell your global voice traffic using thexchange platform Buying on thexchange Selling on thexchange Prepaid VoIP Wholesale
NumberAxcess Voice Managed Services Purchase Direct Inward Dial (DID) numbers conveniently Volume discounts Buy single numbers or in bulk Retail Prepaid
OptimizedIP IP IP Services IP route optimization for critical applications Per gigabyte billing Flexible terms ISP ASP VoIP
Peering Solutions Voice Query Services Optimize call routing in real-time. Achieve higher quality and efficiency by removing unnecessary transit routes from the call path. Query services for carriers Enterprise peering U.S. domestic peering Mobile Retail/PTT VoIP Enterprise
Portability Solutions Voice Query Services Route calls to the carrier serving the number rather than code-implied network in number portability markets Managed minutes Hosted query Switch-based query Mobile
PrimeIP IP IP Services Full internet access via a single connection Per gigabyte billing No capacity minimums ISP ASP VoIP
SelectIP IP IP Services Paid IP peering: purchase specific on-net routes via a single connection Per gigabyte billing No capacity minimums ISP ASP VoIP
PrivateExchange Voice Marketplace Services Buy and sell international and U.S. domestic routes through private arrangements outside the open marketplace Online routing reports Custom terms Billing & settlement Custom e-mail alerts Mobile Retail/PTT
RapidClear Voice Marketplace Services Accelerated payment with 4 settlement options 15 net 2 7 net 2 7 net 2 same day 3 net 1 Prepaid Wholesale Retail Mobile
SoftswitchAxcess Voice Marketplace Services Manage VoIP connections from anywhere in the world Provision new VoIP partners Establish complex routing VoIP

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