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September 2001
Some Like It Hot

Bandwidth trading has not grown as fast as predicted but the market to trade voice minutes continues to boom.

August 21, 2001
"Arbinet Bullishly Proposes New Standards for Call Exchanges"

Upwards of 220 carriers express their interest in Curt Hockemeier’s proposal that the telecom industry adopt Arbinet-thexchange’s International Calling Codes as the global standard.

Financial Times
August 19, 2001
"Broadband markets find narrow trader interest"

The Financial Times reports on the slow evolution on broadband trading. Arbinet-thexchange President and CEO, Curt Hockemeier, is quoted on thexchange’s successful minutes focused approach to bandwidth trading, and states his views on the sector’s future.

Silicon Alley Daily
July 25, 2001
"Around the Alley in 30 Days"

Silicon Alley Daily continues its “Around the Alley in 30 Days” series with an interview with Arbinet-thexchange President and CEO Curt Hockemeier on the company’s successful strategy to assist carriers trade bandwidth more profitably, and his plans for the company’s future.

The Bandwidth Desk
July 13, 2001
"Arbinet-the [Monied] Exchange"

The Bandwidth Desk reports that Arbinet-thexchange has survived the recent thinning of the bandwidth exchange ranks by seizing on a real and consistent telecom need – minutes trading.
July 11, 2001
"Arbinet draws $35 Million" reports that Arbinet-thexchange has lofty plans to change the deal making structure of the telecom industry and has closed on a $35 million fifth round of funding.

Sounding Board
July 5, 2001
"Arbinet-thexchange Turns Up London Switch"

Sounding Board reports on Arbinet-thexchange’s introduction of interexchange trading between Arbinet-thexchange’s New York and London Exchange Delivery Points (EDP).

Telecoms Capacity
June, 2001
"Crisis. What Crisis?"

Telecoms Capacity’s editor, Laurence Neville, moderates a panel of industry leaders at Arbinet-thexchange’s Telecom Leaders Summit and reports on these companies’ strategies for survival in a tattered sector.

The Bandwidth Desk
May 18, 2001
"Kennard Still Packs ‘Em In"

The Bandwidth Desk covers former FCC Chairman William Kennard’s Keynote introduction at Arbinet-thexchange’s Telecom Leaders Summit at the Global Traffic Meeting in Washington, DC.

Crain’s New York Business
May 7, 2001
"On-line telecom market gets lift in the downturn"

The wave of failures sweeping the telecom sector-and which most recently drove Manhattan-based Winstar Communications Inc. into bankruptcy-has not been bad news for everyone. In fact, for a fast-growing 5-year-old company…

Financial Times
March 21, 2001
"Dealing profitably in the $800bn ‘minutes market’ "

The Financial Times interviews Arbinet-thexchange chairman Anthony Craig about the benefits members derive from trading on thexchange’s advanced systems platforms.

February 15, 2001
"G.E. Brings Good Things to Arbinet"

Arbinet-thexchange’s agreement with GE Capital Commercial Services provides thexchange with global credit risk management, financing and back office support.

Telecom Business
February, 2001
"GE Capital Backstops Arbinet"

Telecom Business magazine describes the recent deal between Arbinet-thexchange and GE Capital.

The Bandwidth Desk
January 19, 2001
"Credit Capital and Exchange Risk"

Page 8 of the industry newsletter, The Bandwidth Desk discusses Arbinet-thexchange’s recent deal with GE Capital, and how it allows the company to reengineer the terms of financial settlement in the telecom industry, benefiting cash strapped carriers.

Financial Times
December 18, 2000
"Bandwidth War Set for London"

The Financial Times discusses Arbinet-thexchange’s new London Exchange Delivery Point (EDP) and how UK and European-based carriers can now physically connect to thexchange.

McGraw-Hill Energy’s Bandwidth Market Report
December 13, 2000
"Arbinet-thexchange hopes to settle minutes deals within days thanks to GE Capital credit risk agreement"

Arbinet-thexchange’s multi-million dollar deal with GE Capital Commercial Services provides thexchange with global credit risk management services and a variety of financing and back-office support services. This provides additional ways for Members to increase network utilization while reducing their SG&A;, network operations and bad debt costs.

Internet News – International News
November 29, 2000
"Real-time Bandwidth Trading Comes to Europe"

Internet News highlights the opening of Arbinet-thexchange’s direct connection center in London enabling European telecoms carriers to trade bandwidth online.

The Boston Globe
October 9, 2000
"Huge trades of phone time to cut prices"

Financial wizards have figured out how to make markets for things that once seemed hard to imagine being traded like shares of stock, from orange juice and bacon to the next hour of electricity used by the New England power grid.

Derivatives Strategy
August, 2000
"Everybody wants to trade bandwidth"

Derivatives Strategy conducts a comprehensive roundup of the various players in the bandwidth trading market. It also attempts to separate the realistic plans from the hype.

Wall Street Journal
August 17, 2000
"Arbinet Plays Matchmaker to Telecom Firms"

Where to go if you’re a telecom company looking to buy or sell big blocks of excess bandwidth quickly — and in total secrecy? One option: Arbinet-thexchange.

RCR News
August 14, 2000
"Company Starts Bandwidth-Trading Business"

The wireless industry takes a closer look at Arbinet-thexchange and our best-in-class partners.

InformationWeek Magazine
December 13, 1999
"The Leaders of E-Business"

Arbinet-thexchange ranked #62 on InformationWeek’s E-Business 100 list of top Electronic Business Innovators. Other innovators on the list include Charles Schwab, Chemdex, Cisco Systems, Dell Computer, E-Trade Group, The Home Depot, IBM, Lucent Technologies, Intel, Nortel Networks, and Sprint PCS.

Red Herring Magazine
November, 1999
"Bandwidth exchanges are seeking to create a perfect market for capacity."

"While other bandwidth-exchange startups aspired to serve as bandwidth dating services, matching buyers and sellers that would close the deal offline, Arbinet-thexchange raised the bar by providing the option of swapping bandwidth online."

InformationWeek Magazine
October 4, 1999
"For Sale: Telecom Capacity" (sidebar to cover story)

“For the past two years, telecommunications carriers, Internet service providers, and others have bought and sold network capacity and services via Arbinet-thexchange."

The New York Times
Sunday July 11, 1999
"Jumping Off the Bandwidth Wagon"

"There, in his cramped office above the Pulse Night Club, Alex Mashinsky has created an electronic trading floor for telephone service that resembles nothing so much as the international market for traditional commodities."

Business 2.0 Magazine
April, 1999
"Fast Times on the Minute Exchange"

"Waste not, want not. Online spot markets are lining up to exchange global bandwidth on the fly."

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