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Arbinet Offers Free Access to its Global Number Portability Service


Arbinet Offers Free Access to its Global Number Portability Service

The Service is now available to all Service Providers through May 2010

New York, NY, USA; Hong Kong; London, United Kingdom – December 1, 2009 – Arbinet Corporation [Nasdaq: ARBX], a leading wholesale telecommunications service provider, today announces the availability of its Global Number Portability Service to carriers worldwide – in a special promotion at no cost through May 2010. Arbinet has been maintaining its routing registry for more than four years and is a proven leader in the space managing more than 100 million queries a month against its platform for its customers.

Number portability between service providers has become a key requirement for competitive telecommunications and many countries around the world have introduced number portability for mobile customers. The flexibility offered to customers results in increased back-end complexities for carriers – especially for international carriers trying to determine how best to route a particular call. The correct routing for a ported call (or SMS/text message) may not be the same as the routing of a call to a number that is still with the original carrier. Arbinet’s service assists carriers in making the correct routing decision, improving quality and lowering their costs. 

As a world leader in intelligent call routing, Arbinet leverages its Routing Registry to route calls based on an understanding of the underlying dial code assignments to carriers in each country combined with up to date information on the porting of individual numbers within that country. With this new service, the Registry can be queried directly by carriers using traditional C7-based signaling as well as by SIP or ENUM queries over IP. The response to the query identifies the current carrier serving that customer number which is then used to determine the correct routing for the call. 

Combined with Arbinet’s simplified go-to market strategy for global voice termination services, access to the Global Routing Registry provides even more ways to meet the growing and complex demands of International carriers. The Registry identifies the correct mobile operator for a voice call or SMS message in numerous countries in Europe, South America and Australasia.  

Steve Heap, Arbinet’s Chief Technology Officer, said, “We are very pleased to be able to make this offer to the international telecoms industry. Correct routing based on the current ownership of a number is very much the wave of the future, but the commercial implications are difficult to assess in advance. With this promotion, carriers worldwide are able to use the service in their day to day business without taking any financial or technical risks.” 

To take advantage of this limited time offer, please contact Arbinet via email at [email protected]. For more information on the issues of portability for international carriers and a summary of how Arbinet can help in this area, visit Offer subject to contract and other conditions apply.

About Arbinet

Arbinet is a leading provider of international voice and IP solutions to carriers and service providers globally. With more than 1100 carriers across the world connected to the Arbinet Network, Arbinet combines global scale with sophisticated platform intelligence, call routing and industry leading credit management and settlement capabilities. Customers and suppliers include many leading fixed line, mobile, wholesale and VoIP carriers, as well as calling card, ISPs and content providers around the world who buy and sell voice and IP telecommunications capacity and content. For more information, please visit www.arbinet,com , call +1.917.320.2000 or email [email protected].

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